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Thread: Introducing UltimateZero from PA

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    Default Introducing UltimateZero from PA

    Hello, I am UltimateZero. And this is my introduction message.

    I am 21, male, and live in Pennsylvania.

    I found out about Adisc on gaiaonline during my random browsing. I decided to check it out. So far, I have read quite a few interesting stories, and gained some helpful knowledge about the *B/DL lifestyle that could be quite useful to me in the near future. I started out wearing just as a stress reliever after Jr High School (I took one of my grandparents' Depends one day, and tried it on out of curiosity, and decided to buy some and try them as a stress reliever because I liked the way it felt against my body), then gradually I became *B/DL over time and began to wear more just for the carefree sensation that it gave me just for wearing them. I also don't know why, but when I would do homework while wearing, I could concentrate more. (I don't know what to attribute that to, maybe it is just mental, but I'm not sure)

    I can say that I have both urinated (pee) and defecated (poop) while wearing at some point in time. Although defecation feels nice at first, clean up is a major hassle, so I don't really poop in them a lot, but I do however pee in them somewhat often now. To this day, I have not come out to anyone in my family or circle of friends about it, and I currently have no plans on telling them anything, unless they somehow catch me in the act. I know that my mother would probably still accept me, but my friends on the other hand, I believe that this would alienate me from them PERMANENTLY. (I have been alienated from them a few times in the past about other things, but nothing would come close to this.)

    My avatar is my teddy bear Buzzy. He still sleeps with/near me every night. My mother gave him to me when I was about half a year old, and I have had him ever since. The overalls he is wearing (minus the factory bow tie) were actually mine when I was a baby, but when I outgrew them, they were put on him.

    Anyways, there's a little about me.

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    This is a good example of how to introduce yourself. Take notes, new members!

    Welcome to ADISC!

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    Welcome to ADISC! Thanks for the great introduction. I have to agree that the relaxing aspect of wearing diapers is great, though it's not normally my main reason for wearing. I hope you like it here.

    By the way, that is one cute teddy!

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    great introduction!

    I love your teddy!

    I'm sure you'll love it here, and don't be afraid to ask people for something, our members are more then willing to help you out, and we don't bite

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    Good introduction and welcome to the forums. Its always good to see others from PA. Feel free to hit me up on here any time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by UltimateZero View Post
    Hello, I am UltimateZero. And this is my introduction message.
    That... kicks... ASS!

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    Welcome. I too found this place through Gaia. Hope your stay here is awesome.

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    Thank-You for the welcome everyone. spacemanBEN and BabyJon93, I love my Buzzy, and I will take him with me to the grave.

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    Hiyas and welcome to the forums UltimateZero. A nice introduction I must say. Funny I know a person named that but hes a hacker. Anyways, I hope you make a lot of new friends on the site, and learn even more about *bdl.


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