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Thread: pooping your self without knowing

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    Default pooping your self without knowing

    I want to strat pooping my sel with out know I pooped myself. How do I do that?

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    You don't, it's always gonna be in your control unless you badly hurt yourself, or do something dangerous, there are ways to make it easy, and perhaps inevitable/unstoppable but without realising its happening sorry not possible

    If this is your only reason for being on the site you might want to rethink your stay otherwise go make a introduction thread in the greetings board

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    First of all. Hello Fear.

    As DylanK said, you need to go and make an Introduction for the forums. That way we can get to know you.

    Second of all, This isn't a good idea.

    If you somehow went through with it, you'd need to be in diapers 24/7, and that would just take the fun out wearing diapers!

    Check THIS:

    Granted, that ones about bedwetting, but it's essentially the same information. It's a BAD idea to even start.

    You'd smell, and it wouldn't be any fun.

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    Let me give you a look into this:

    You constantly have to worry if you dropped another bomb because you wont notice it, you wont feel it at first and you wont smell it because you've become desensitized to it. Other people however notice instantly and don't want to be around you, if it happens often people will never want to be around you. It leaves evidence everywhere, even lots of washing wont stop that. Your couch, office chair and other places you often sit on will start to smell. everything smells, it sucks. why the fuck would you want to do that to yourself?

    Yes I sadly have to speak out of experience about this one but hope the fog in your mind will clear about this wish.

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    Well, if you are serious about it. I would suggest that you come out to your parents what you intend to do. At this point they will most probably have said no and it will be cause more damage than good. However, if they do allow you to go ahead you have to plan for the future, this includes:

    1. Where the next nappy/diaper comes from - Is this financial viable?
    2. People around you will find out - What if your friends no longer want to be around you?
    3. Can you live with wearing nappies/diapers 24/7 around the clock and also use them for other purposes - This has social and financial impacts.

    If you get this far and can successfully deal with these 3 points you are well on your way to defecating without knowledge, how ever the next part is inteirly down to you as it requires you to lose control. this is almost impossible as there are muscles in place to stop the occurrences of messes.

    - Steph

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    I hate to be another downer here, but the best advice I can give you is, don't go down that path. It may sound nice in theory, but you really need to ask yourself what the benefits it would be, beyond "it'd make me feel more babyish". If you can come up with any other benefits (or anything that isn't a huge downside, really), go for it, but I sure can't think of any.

    You have to draw the line between what you can do realistically to regress and enjoy feeling babyish and what's going too far to try to be something you can never be again. If you ask me, what you have in mind is on a side of that line that you don't want to be on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fear View Post
    I want to strat pooping my sel with out know I pooped myself. How do I do that?
    It says in your information that you're 17, so I'm just going to say, don't do it. Not only do you have the social issue to deal with of wearing diapers (You would have to tell your parents or be REALLY careful to keep it a secret from them, which is a lot harder to do if you smell like poop because you can't control your bowels, and there's always the chance that someone at your school or some of your friends could find out, again, especially if you specifically want poopy diapers.), the fact that you'll ALWAYS need them if you're incontinent (You would have to have a diaper bag with you constantly if you go out for longer periods of time, and still have to worry about changing if you wet or mess while you're out somewhere), and the financial burden of having to pay for diapers constantly (At 17, with school and everything, it must be hard enough to make money as it is, without the issue of having to pay for diapers constantly, which can get very expensive very quickly, especially when you factor in other things such as wipes, cream, baby powder, and other diaper essentials, not to mention the large cost of diapers themselves.)

    Especially at your age, it's not a good idea, and if you're in them constantly, the initial excitement of being in and using diapers wears off pretty quickly. There are many ways that you can enjoy diapers and even simulate "accidental" messing without having to go to any extremes. There's no need to make yourself incontinent, so just enjoy diapers instead of worrying about what you can do to make the experience more "realistic" or whatever it is you want to be incontinent for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin View Post
    Let me give you a look into this: Why the fuck would you want to do that to yourself?

    Yes I sadly have to speak out of experience about this one but hope the fog in your mind will clear about this wish.
    Teeheehee....this is why I have always loved you Martin. I actually know a way to induce permanent diarrhea, but of course I won't because we are a site which does not sponsor self harming, which this would be. It does not involve anythng surgical or physically harming, just finding the right stuff, so to speak, but as others have said, why would you want to deal with all the bad side affects? There's a time and place for everything. We have many people on this site who poop their diapers/underwear on this site. They do it in their own residence so they don't assault the senses, especially the olfactory senses, of others.

    I think for those who really feel a need to pee and mess, especially on a 24/7 basis, the urge is probably sexual. It is for me, but that means we must exert some control. Living in this world with other people is paramount for a healthy, well adjusted life. We should be mindful of the dictates of society, and that means we have to use some restraint. Just find the right time and place for yourself and you will be happier.

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    If you want loss of control in your own timing, there is a particularly long thread detailing exactly what to do.

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