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Thread: Wallgreen's "Boxer" diaper

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    Default Wallgreen's "Boxer" diaper

    I bought a package of Wallgreens Boxer style diapers. Although I am a "brief man" when not padded, I wanted to give them a try. I could only find them in the L/KL size so they were a bit loose in the waist. Overall though I found them to be fairly pleasant. when wearing them they felt very lightweight. Yet the diaper portion fit the man parts reasonably snug. When I walked around the office trousers over them they felt like a nice reminder in the crotch that I was wearing a diaper, but without too much bulk.

    When I pee'd in the (3 releases of pee over an hours time) they swelled up quite nicely. I didn't have any issues with leakage. I really wanted to poo in them too but the opportunity just didn't present itself. Does anyone have any experience with a #2 in them.

    I am sitting in my liviing room in a nicely soaked Tena Men's right now. I put it on when I left the office and had a nice warm wet and bulky reward most of the way home. Now that I am home I do believe it will soon be poo time...

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    they sound like nice diapers, I haven't seen those at my local Walgreens but they sound like they would be a good boxer for like school or a job.

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    What do you mean by boxer style? Are they diapers with cloth that extends beyond the normal length to simulate the look? Or are they more like boxer briefs?

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    Like a belted disposable with faux legs on it to make them look like boxers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abenalover View Post
    Like a belted disposable with faux legs on it to make them look like boxers
    Oh, okay. Thanks.

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    Funny, I just got home from Walgreens with a 40 pack of their fitted briefs. Having tried these before they are fantastic for $13 bucks. Feel like a diaper and hold like a diaper and have planty of room in the back for poo. Walgreens, you have outdone yourself again. I'll be on the hunt for those boxers though. Sadly, these S/M are big so I can't imagine how loose those boxer ones are, but hopefully in the future they make them in S/M - M/L

    Good day to ya'll

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    They sound good. I have been to USA a few times and have noticed that many of your supermarkets stock adult diapers.Here in the UK you will be lucky to find any supermarket which stocks them.

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    They carry them at wallmart and rite aid too. I don't care for them much as they are super big, don't absorb much, and have no leak guards. The middle also ripped not long after putting them on. The are far worse than goodnites boxers ever were except they are very big rather than too small, yet they have less absorbancy and rip all the same.

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