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    So, I'm just wondering. I've been wanting to try this recently and figured that tonight would be a good night to try it again, but everytime I've tried before it's failed quite hard. So, here are specifics of my questions:

    One: I know you have to cut slits/poke holes, but how big of holes/slits should be used?

    Two: Is there a way to keep the absorbancy(stuff, whatever it is) from falling out when taking it off?

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    What I've always done when doubling up, is cut slices in the diaper (front, back, and middle, sometimes long ones running from front to back). As long as the diaper isn't too cheaply made, you shouldn't have trouble with the SAP/whatever falling out when putting it on and putting the other diaper on. I've never had much trouble with anything coming out when taking the diapers off, but most of the time I undo the tapes on both of them before taking them off and keep them together. I've mostly done this with Depends Max Protection.

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    I make lots of 1 inch slits, perhaps about 15 or 20. Some people cut a 'V' shape when making slits, but I've never had the need to do that.

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    I'm curious too. Can someone go into more detail? You all are being a little vague.

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    Could anyone who knows how to do this maybe be so wonderful to make a guide with pictures? I've always wanted to double up :P

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    I've tried doubling up by cutting slits/poking holes in every way imaginable. Unless i wet very very slowly over time, I've found it doesn't work like I'd want. The faster I'd wet the worse it was.

    Now, stuffing a diaper works much better for me. Do a search for stuffing in the forums. I've seen posts with detailed instructions and Pamperchu did a great video on it (if it's still around).

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    I usually take a diaper and cut all it the elastic and tapes off making it into a "pad shape." I do not cut any of the actual stuffing. I then take sissors and cut little quarter inch slits all over it, 25 or so, this usually helps with not allowing anything to fall out or cause a mess. Then i take the "pad shaped diaper" and place it in the diaper with tapes and all, applying it as normal making sure to tuck in the inner "pad shaped diaper" between the leg cuffs to insure no leaks.

    I like to make sure the whole diaper is tight around my legs yet not too tight.I feel more confident and cozy this way! Most importantly have fun and don't be afraid to experiment with different trials and hopefully no errors!

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