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Thread: The Origins of my AB/DL ism....

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    Default The Origins of my AB/DL ism....

    I just had a thought...I was into diapers...bottles for as long as I can remember...could it have anything to do with the fact that as a small child I was constant bedwetter? Thoughts?

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    It could have some effect on it. For me I was a bedwetter for several years from about 7 until early teens 13-15 or so... I was forced to wear a diaper to bed by my rents... I hated and rebelled against this but ended up wearing them each night against my will anyway. That said, today I have DL tendencies, which I feel has something to do with my past. I cant explain your AB desires though... Bottles, Paci, etc... other than if you were DL as a result of wearing protection for bedwetting and liked it, and explored the TB/AB side and liked it as well? Im not interested in the whole AB experience too much myself, so I dont have any thoughts on that.

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    In my experience I would say it is very possible. My parents would yell at me all the time for wetting the bed and day wetting accidents. So as I got older I got really good at hiding this ongoing problem. But I remember starting at about 6 years old I started to be jealous that babies/toddlers did not need to worry about being yelled at for accidents. I fully believe this caused my mind to believe that wearing diapers and being younger would be a way to avoid any more yelling or embarrassment. I hope this does not sound stupid. I just thought maybe your early bedwetting caused you to feel that diapers meant safety too.

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