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    Default Vista problem

    For some reason when I leave my computer unatended for about 15-20 minutes it will automaticly enter sleep mode and when I go to bring it out of sleep mode so I can use it again my wireless internet goes out and I have to restart my computer.

    Is there any way that I can stop it from entering sleep mode?

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    If i remember correctly, there should be a power management section somewhere in the control panel. also i think you can get to it from the battery icon on the task bar. just set it to never sleep. hope that helped!

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    Look in your control panel for Power Management, as jayschares said. There you can play with settings to not let it go into sleep mode.

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    While you're doing that, you should also adjust these settings.

    Turn off Display = Never (Not necessary for desktop computers)
    Hard Disk
    -Turn off Hard Disk after = Never (Not necessary, greatly increases wear on the hard drive)
    Wireless Adapter Settings
    -Power Saving Mode = Maximum Performance
    -Sleep after = Never (not recommended for laptops on batteries)
    -Hibernate after = Never (not recommended for laptops on batteries)
    USB Settings
    USB Selective Power Settings = Disabled
    Power Buttons and Lid (these are personal preferences)
    -Power button action = Do nothing
    -Sleep button action = Do nothing (useful for keyboards with an obnoxious sleep button)
    -Start menu power button = Sleep (can not be disabled)
    PCI Express = Leave it alone
    Processor power management = Leave it alone
    Search and Indexing
    -Power savings mode = High performance
    -Turn off display after = Never
    -Adaptive display = Off (not sure what this does)
    Multimedia settings
    -When sharing media = Allow the computer to enter Away Mode

    To get to these advanced settings in Vista;

    1. Type "power options" in the search box and press Enter
    2. Select "High performance" from the list then click "Edit plan settings"
    3. Select "Change advanced power settings" and enter the properties above.

    Note, this plan is not recommended for laptops. To get the most out of your laptop's battery, figure out what you do and don't want and change the settings accordingly. You shouldn't need to turn the hard drive off as it doesn't use much power, plus hard drives don't really like spinning up all the time.

    Apart from sleep and display settings, the rest really don't have much of an impact of power consumption one way or the other.

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    Yes everytime I get a new computer I set all that stuff right away, I alwys keep my laptop pluged in so I run it on full power.

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    On my laptop, I have a few keys that I have set to do separate things that are really handy.

    Sleep Button: Bring up shut down dialog. This way I can choose cancel if I did it on accident, and saves me from going Start --> Shutdown.

    Power Button: Same as Sleep Button

    Calculator (on external keyboard): bring up explorer window. So much easier than going Start --> My Computer

    Log Off (on external keyboard): Lock Workstation. *My most frequently used key*. Whenever I leave my desk, I lock my workstation. All I have to do is press one key, and shut the lid. Done! Instead of Ctrl+Alt+Del -> Enter, etc.

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