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    So i bought some goodnites to use as a stuffer diaper for my depends max protection. I have never used a diaper stuffer so can someone explain to me how to cut the goodnite? Obviously it needs to be poked somewhere to add as that second layer of protection but where? how big should the holes be?

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    If you can fit in the Goodnite, then I would just pull it on first, then attach the Depend Max.

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    First, cut away the elastic parts. That way, the stuffer will take the shape of the depends instead of making it's own shape beneath it. This tends to give it a thicker feeling. The best spot to put it is beneath the plastic of the depends. This probably requires cutting a slit in the rear of the diaper horizontally along the waistband, slide the stuffer in and try and place it in the middle of the padding of the depend. You won't need to cut slits unless you're putting more than one stuffer in, in which case it would be necessary to slit all but the last one.

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    I had a few Tena pads left over from before my incontinence got too bad. Now they're no use on their own but I tried using one as a stuffer in my Lil-fit Super. Worked like a dream.

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