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    Hi all i thought i would do a little review of this online shop

    i orderd from them for the first time yesterday , i was quite suprised there customer service is brilliant. They will price match you ANYTHING on there website probided you send them a link to the page where it was cheaper , and they reply quite quick.They deliver next working day as long as you order before 4pm mon-fri and you can get VAT free products.So i orderd from them

    LSFT7241LILLE HEALTHCARE SUPREM Fit All in Ones - Maxi (3370ml) Medium (80-120cm/31-47in) Pack of 20 9.30

    Sample LILLE HEALTHCARE CLASSIC Fit Extra up to 150cm 2500ml 0.10

    Sample Age UK Feel Dry All in Ones Medium Super 2430ml 0.10

    Sample TENA Slip Maxi Medium 2100ml 0.10

    Sample Abena Abri Form All In One Medium X Plus 3600ml 0.10

    Sample MoliCare All in Ones Super Plus Medium 1435ml 0.10

    Standard Shipping 5.99

    Sub Total


    I ordered about 3.40PM and i recevied them at 11.20 the next day

    Brilliant service highly recomended good site with all the regular nappies

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    Thanks for this. I've been wanting to try Abena samples, which they do. Can't complain at 10p each.

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    What's the Age UK Feel Dry All in Ones Medium Super like? Is it plastic or fake-paper, what design/colour is it?

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    I got samples of both Age UK and Lille large pads, and they're identical. It's the same product re-packaged. I don't know if this is the case with the tape-ons too but I suspect it would be. They're paper-backed, mostly white with coloured stripes down the middle and little coloured star logos with a size indicator. The colours indicate absorbency level. (Blue regular, orange is Extra, green is Super and grey is Maxi).

    They're adequate as cheap diapers go and the Maxi can absorb a lot, but my main complaint is that the filler tends to clump in the crotch when wet, making them prone to leak out the sides before the diaper is fully wet.

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    I have ordered from them before too, didn't know that they did price match though. Good to know, thanks

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    Out of interest, is the packaging discreet? I'm looking at their samples now and they seem pretty good

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    Yes the packaging is discreet. My samples came in a plain black plastic bag, the only identificatrion of where it came from was "Choice Shops Ltd" and the address. I think larger packages are shipped in a brown cardboard box.

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    Yeah I have used them before on a few occasions now and I would highly recommend them. There large parcels are sent out in a plain brown box with only the shipping label on. Have also collected from the warehouse before as I was passing one day. Only took them about 20 mins to sort the order out from when I phoned it through.

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    Just got some samples I ordered through the post. Arrived the next day in a black plastic bag. Paid ~7.50 for 5 nappies, which is not too bad considering I'm used to paying 6.50 for 2 from Cuddlz. Now just how to acquire one of their larger cases...

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    Cool, thanks for the info. Next time I order I'll compare these against my regular supplier and see how it goes.

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