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Thread: Missing the Good Old Days of ADISC

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    Default Missing the Good Old Days of ADISC

    Well, after spending almost an hour preparing a new thread and then somehow having a cyberspace error and it was lost to the netherworld, I will try to rewrite a few thoughts of which I would more than appreciate the input of others.

    I, Teddy Bear Cowboy, am a cowboy. Yes, a real, honest-to-goodness cowboy. I ride horses, herd cows, raise hay (and a bit of Cain), but I feel I am a product of a bygone era. Today, school teachers talk about the "cowboy era" and teach it in their lessons on American History. There are many authors who have made a living telling stories about cowboys and the wild west. Today, that is all gone. . . Really? If that is true, I must be some sort of ghost. . . a part of fiction or history that is now out of place in today's world.

    But I can assure you, just as Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and Waylon Jennings in the country hit "Ghostwriters in the Sky" tell the story of legends of the past, I am still (and always will be) "around, and around, and around."

    But that is not what this post is about. I simply want to share that after being here on ADISC for almost two years, I am feeling a bit let down on where this experience is going for me. When I first found ADISC, I was overjoyed to find a site with many others like me who shared in a diaper or abdlism interest. (Okay, I have yet to find another real padded cowboy --or cowgirl --but at least others who are adults and yet have interests in this fashion).

    But today I find that a lot of the conversation on ADISC seems to be the same old thing, over and over again. This is probably good for new members and the younger crowd who may not have heard it before. But honestly, how many times do we need to discuss "What is the best diaper?" "What is the marshmallow trick?" . . . Come on, really? After how many gazillion posts? --Let's face it folks, marshmallows have a laxative effect when used as a suppository! What else can be said that hasn't already been said?

    When I was a little boy (okay, I'm still a little boy at heart --but when I really was aged as a little boy) I remember a lot of places that we used to run cows for winter pasture and that we would put up hay in the summertime. They were beautiful, open places that brought a lot of enjoyment to me. However, many of these places have since been sold, and are now urban housing developments and even business sections of a large city. --THIS WAS LESS THAN TWENTY YEARS AGO! (But really, I am not that all that old).

    Perhaps I am just feeling a bit melancholy, but I miss these times. I miss the beauty and the experiences that I had there. . . . Today, in another fashion, I miss the old days of just a short while ago when things where different here on ADISC. I remember a lot of other conversation that was a bit more "adult" adult baby conversation. --I'm not talking as in "dirty" adult conversation, but conversation that seemed more meaningful, and in-depth than the current topics and items I referred to above.

    I believe there have been many who have left ADISC for similar reasons. I miss their conversations. HG3GL, Angela Bauer, and others, where have you gone????

    As I understand it, some of these folks were banned. Was this because they broke the rules, or was it because they requested it when they decided to leave ADISC? I am not sure, but I do know that I miss their conversation. If I remember right, Angela Bauer was once part of ADISC staff, and was voted either "most detailed" or "most serious" member in the ADISC polls.

    Right now I find myself in the midst of questioning whether or not to continue to call ADISC home. However, I have not found any other site that even comes close to replacing it. I admire the efforts of staff to make this a safe site and to keep it free from a lot the questionable discussion and pornographic nature of other sites. I applaud the efforts of the staff and the founder for this.

    But at present --perhaps as the cowboy today is considered a thing of the past, I am feeling somewhat out of place here on this site. Yes, I am still a padded cowboy, but there does not seem to be any place on this prairie that I really feel at home anymore. I miss the "good old days" that I first experienced here on ADISC --even if they were only a year or two ago.

    I welcome others thoughts on this. Are there others still out there that feel this way, or have you all moved on?

    Please share your thoughts. I hope I haven't offended anyone by my comments, but this just isn't the same ol' roundup anymore.


    Teddy Bear Cowboy

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    No, you aren't the only one. I can honestly say that when I first joined I tried to get involved by posting some, what I've felt were, thoughtful and meaningful posts.

    I can't help but feel that they just get drowned out by a cacophany of new posts. Over the years I've felt sort of alienated here. But, I still check in, from time to time, to see if anything that interests me pops up.

    I understand that this is one of the few havens for young members of our community, so it still has an important purpose. I just don't feel like I fit in with the core user on the site.

    Oh well, it's good to hear I'm not the only one.

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    Sounds like you need to spend more time in the off-topic or mature forums. You sound a bit scattered and maybe you could narrow it down to a question there.

    I am curious as to what kind of topics were so different back then and how exactly it has changed?

    Ps. Your post reminded me of Chris Ledoux's "This Cowboy's Hat". Great song.

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    I've been around for a bit.. the more mature conversations do occasionally occur, but, yes, there is a definite turnover. I know that occasionally I get rather annoyed by the general ambiance, and walk away for a bit.. but, It always seems to pick up again fora while too.. I dunno

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeddyBr_Cowboy View Post
    Today, school teachers talk about the "cowboy era" and teach it in their lessons on American History..... I must be some sort of ghost. . . a part of fiction or history that is now out of place in today's world.
    well, i'm a labourer, very much in the traditional sense (a jack of all trades), and i can fully empathize with your feelings. the sad fact is, those who're weak of mind, spirit and body have inherited the earth (thanks to people like us, who make it). some say that this is just one of many cycles, as has been attested by many a writer in many ages. but, often, it's just a matter of what one is used to and how one then defines good, bad, hard and easy (like, you hear lots of people talk about hard work, but you see them doing little of it).
    the same applies here.

    if you've got some experience under your belt and you've already proven yourself, just sit back and pick and choose what you do (or read). if that means participating less or taking a different approach to your participation, so be it.
    (for me, only 2 people have had anything to offer me, here - the vast bulk have nothing to offer and yet i'm still around.)

    not forgetting, of course, that the good days (be they new or old) are only 'good' because of their contrast with the bad.

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    A few of Adisc's main purposes are providing people with information and showing people they are not alone. So new users would tend to be the main beneficiaries, and senior members are the resources. It's natural then to expect that new arrivals are getting the most out of the place, and the seasoned members will be more the providers.

    I'm not saying that once you've been here for awhile there's nothing more here you can benefit from, just that it's naturally going to drop sharply after you've been here awhile and will level off at a low point. But it's this "old members" group that has the majority of wisdom and information to contribute to new members, so they're still very important to the site.

    I'd also agree that you will see a lot of the same topics hashed out anew on a regular basis. That's just the churn of the membership, and what's naturally going to happen when new members become senior members and are replaced by another wave of new members. Reading FAQs, years old blog entries, and closed dead threads isn't going to be as involving, welcoming, or useful to new members. They're here for interaction with this community that is new and in most cases previously unknown to them.

    OT note to the OP: when typing up anything long, I periodically do a select-all,copy. And I try to remember to do it one last time before clicking Post or Preview, in case my browser decides to eat my session. I've had that happen several times myself, and a few times recently was thankful for the copy. Or you can open notepad or whatever and draft your post there, and copy,paste it to the browser when ready to post. As long as you leave the notepad open until the post goes through you have a "backup".

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    i haven't been around for that long but i think adisc is way better in contrast to other forums . some of them have the same threads on the first page for months and sometimes years .maybe we could make an effort to post original more meaningful threads?

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    Yet another "oh remember when it was better" thread, to be honest these threads are about as tired and repeated as half of the newbie threads your complaining about.

    I suggest you go and read Statik's thread on the topic that's just 2 months old, and there are about 4 more I can recall since I came back in February, frankly the others are much the same as this and I can't recall them being particularly fruitful

    As to the current discussion, if the topics aren't interesting or lively enough for you that's because you aren't being interesting or lively enough on the site, I sometimes find myself bored of the discussions on the boards and blogs but it's not that there's no content it's because I can't be bothered to read and respond to peoples posts that're pages and pages long. Just think of the atheism thread that usually has maybe a dozen active people reading the posts and replying and it's not that people don't find it interesting it's just that with the vast number of posts a day most of which are in the thousands of words region there's a lot to read just to keep up.

    If you still can't find anything interesting to talk about why not create a new topic, there are plenty of people who'll join in with good ideas at random, the topic may only last a month but that's a month less boredom. Or how about actually looking through the boards for interesting stuff that's not been added to in at least the last 2 days, by keeping those conversions alive you'll promote others to get involved too. And if conversations were really better 2, 3, 4 years ago why not go back to those old threads and ask in the requests forum if they can be revived I'd love to see exactly how much more interesting they really were and how much of this is just nostalgia.

    Also have you looked in the groups there's plenty of stuff going on in there if you look hard enough, I hate the way some of them have sort of stagnated but if you're bored then it's worth trying to get a reaction out of people there.

    Finally complaining that the old guard have left or moved on doesn't exactly improve your relationship with the newbs, and it won't bring those members back. And complaining that the posts aren't interesting any more doesn't make the discussions any better either. So take some initiative and write some interesting stuff you never know it might make others want to be interesting in return.

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    What can I say that hasn't already been said?

    I've been here (this site) since before it was ADISC...back in the days when most adults were still going to DPF (I think it's gone now...and the world is probably better for that!)...but a few of us...myself, Peachy, and others...made our way to the forum & IRC chat that would one day become ADISC.

    As has already been pointed out, we "older folk" (whether older in years or wisdom or just been around here for forever & a day) are here to be guides/helpers/understanding listeners for the "newbies" on the site.

    Much in the way you, as a cowboy, guide a stray calf back to the safety of the herd, we must guide our new users to understanding & acceptance.

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    While I haven't been here long, I've noticed this is a common sentiment of people who've been around on any forum. You stay while others you know leave, and there is a turnover of new members. Heck, you even see it with parents who talk about "the good old days".

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