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    I'm Matt, and I'm new here.

    Yes, I know the name is weird, but I'll explain. Until recently, it's been near impossible for me to ever wear diapers. Back before I was ever into diapers, I started wearing panties. Just something about them always called my name, I always loved the prints and the snug fit. I still do wear them frequently.

    Once I found out about diapers, I had no idea about Bambino or ABUniverse or any of those sites, and Depends just turned me off. So to find something, I used to wear a pair of a size small tighty whiteys and load them up with the thick maxi pads. I got tired of it pretty quickly. But regardless, maxi pads were what kept my interest in diapers alive enough until this point when I can actually wear them, so they are still sentimental to me. So until recently, diapers fell by the wayside.

    Last July, I told my girlfriend, who I had been good friends with for a while before we started dating, about my diaper fetish. We had been dating five days when I told her, but I figured the earlier the better. Surprisingly enough, she told me she was willing to give it a shot if it made me happy. We both still live at home, I'm 23 and just out of college, she's 21 and graduated last week, so finding time for us and diapers is tough, but I can't be overbearing that way which is a good thing to keep me from driving her away from it. I prefer Bambinos because of the thickness and snugness, and she prefers Cushies for their look. I might hurt the wallet a bit having to buy two brands, but I'll do what I have to.

    So I still wear panties a lot, which she loves, mostly because she thinks it's awesome that she gets to shop at Victoria's Secret with her boyfriend, but she also knows I'm never taking my pants off anywhere. I do diapers whenever I can. I love them and they just make me genuinely happy, and I'm glad my girlfriend supports (although she usually makes me use a binkie when I wear...weird). And if anyone is wondering...maxi pads make great happy rags during personal time if you don't have a diaper on.

    Anyway I look forward to interacting with you all in the future!

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    Anyway I look forward to interacting with you all in the future!
    Hallo, welcome to ADISC. Do you like The Sims? I like The Sims. :-)

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