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    I just got a sample pack of Depends Silhouette in the mail. I haven't had time to wear them, but I have a few questions, since I've never used them before.
    1. How much can they absorb before leaking? About how many wettings?
    2. Can they handle flooding? Or do you have to leak in short bursts?
    3. One of the samples is a L/XL, which is huge on me, but I still want to use it. Any tips for making it fit? It doesn't have tabs.
    4. If anyone has tried them, what do you think of them?

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    1. Probably one maybe not even that
    2. Short bursts
    3. Maybe some sort of tape, like duct tape
    4. I wore a few of them, the only thing I can really say is it's a Depend product. It's great for some leaking here and there but full on flooding is something I wouldn't even hope to do.

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