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Thread: AB/DL dreams :3

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    Red face AB/DL dreams :3

    soo ... recently i´ve been having lots off ab/dl related dreams and feel wierd about it ... sometimes they´re really odd ... but sometimes they´re really good ... so i was wondering , what kind of Ab/dl dreams do you have? (i mean , just diapering , punishment , regression ) and do you feel odd having those dreams??

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    Usually the diaper dreams I have are ones in which I'm diapered and no one seems to mind. Strangely, since I came out to my SO recently, I've had a number of dreams in which I realize I'm diapered and its a problem. One in which I'm desparately trying to change and find a way to smuggle the wet diapers (I almost always wear cloth) past people to a place that I can stash them. Another in which my SO is kissing me goodbye in the morning but is burying her nose in my neck because, she says, of the smell.

    Needless to say the former are pleasant. The last few less so.

    Go figure.

    If it's a part of your life and you remember your dreams you're going to dream about it.

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    The only true AB/DL dream I've ever had was a few years ago. It actually occurred over multiple nights. I was interacting with multiple people and each one reacted differently to the fact that I enjoyed wearing diapers. Recently, I haven't had strictly AB/DL dreams. I have seen "symbols" appear often (mostly my pacifier). Although, I think it means more than just strictly related to my AB/DLism because I have many other recurring symbols in my dreams that make no sense on their own.

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    Why else would I be trying to practice Lucid Dreaming? Seriously though, I have those occasionally, and they are fun.

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    all my dreams that have been related to my dlism is that im at a store like walmart or dollar store and my parents i think know that i am a dl and im trying to get some diapers but as i go to get the diapers i wake up so i dont get to know what happens. i wish someone could tell me what that means because every dream i had i can remember what happened because they are so so very vivid please tell me what it means.

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    I have them from time to time. They tend to revolve around either me finding out somehow that an old friend of mine (usually the ones that I'd least suspect of such a thing, ironically enough) is an AB/DL too, or me trying to hide it. Funny thing is, I almost always do get caught in those dreams (not always though), and nobody really seems to care despite my own embarrassment in the ones where I do.

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    I have only had one. I was visiting the Okayama shrine in japan with some friends and i had no pants on and was wearing a nappy and no one seemed to notice until one of them asked me why i was wearing a nappy and then i woke up.

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    I sometimes have dreams where I find diapers. In one, I'm back in college and I enter my dorm room to find diapers and plastic pants on the floor. In another, I'm a grade school aged kid, living in my parents home, where my bedroom was in a finished attic. I find diapers and plastic pants in the closet, and I start to put them on. I love those dreams.

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    I have dreams that I'm wearing diapers all the time. I love them.

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    I recently had one, that I took a bath with diaper on and my dad bathed me. Nobody seemed to mind or noticed that I was wearing diapers and i just lounged around in a t-shirt and a diaper.

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