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Thread: Looking for strength training tips

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    Default Looking for strength training tips

    Yeah, recently I decided to pick up weight training again, and this time I have stuck with it for a couple of weeks, so I guess I can do it for the long haul this time.

    I have been using the weight machines at the Y, and I am going to wait until I can afford a trainer before I even bother trying to fuck around with the free weights - I don't want to hurt myself in the process, that stuff tends to scare me a bit.

    I decided to eat a high-protein breakfast on mornings before I lift, and I decided I was going to lift every other day.

    I am looking for tips that I might not be aware of when it comes to this. I am still a newbie in this field. Hell, the most I can bench press now is 120 - that seems kinda wimpy when the guy next to me tends to do double that. Heh.

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    Default would a good place to go for tips if you haven't already. If you read enough on there/other sites and learn enough about strength training, you shouldn't need a trainer.

    Some good threads:
    The Beginner Workout Guide
    Tips About Recovery

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaworuVsDrWily View Post
    I decided to eat a high-protein breakfast on mornings before I lift, and I decided I was going to lift every other day.
    don't forget your greens
    a normal balanced diet should suffice (meat and two veg, three times a day), if you're not 'bodybuilding' or some kind of pro. considering your age, you are probably best to begin slowly and cautiously, as you think, as you won't be undergoing a growth spurt and you'll need time for your white (connective) tissues to catch up with the redder ones. heat packs at the joints can help increase blood-flow there.
    lower back problems can be an issue for people of your age (a combination of the muscles still having a youthful sense, but not the conditioning) and a lot of people find that a good exercise focus on their legs helps avoid back problems.

    increasing your strength and durability outside of the gym is relatively straightforward as 'traditional' exercising (press-ups, push-ups, sit-up, etc) and a combination of fast and many reps, and slow and few reps should give you an all-round ability.

    for newbies, young teens (and nippers) and anyone who can't or won't visit a gym for any reason, see dynamic tension for a natural method of strengthening and conditioning. - Workout WITHOUT Weights: Dynamic Tension Revised!

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    Been a while sincne I was doing the whole weights thing, but heres some tips that I remember. You want to do about tree sets of each lift. Each set you should have a weight that you an only rep about 8 to 12 times. If you can do more then 12, you could/should be lifting more. If you can't do 8 then you're lifting too much. This applies to machines and free weights.

    Start your workouts with a bit of cardio for a warmup, then try to keep a pace the keeps your heart rate up. Finish with some cardio as well.

    Free weights tend to do more then most machines, as they work more of the stability mucles as well. Make sure to always get a full range of motion in your lifts, and strech before and after. This is VERY important.

    Allow for a rest day between workouts. So for example, do arms monday, legs tuesday, back and shoulders wed... so on and so on.

    I hope some of this helps. Just remember to be safe above all else.

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    are you specifically looking at weight training? or are you looking for anything in general to bulk up? if you're up to working out outside of the gym, I would suggest a workout program like p90x. if not, then I would just suggest a recovery drink and protein bar after a workout at the gym.

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    Well here's a few tips I have.

    1; Always train in the morning if possible
    2; Always train before consuming ANY food, then consume some protein, possibly a protein shake, 30 - 60 minutes afterwards.
    3; You can save some money by just buying some kettlebells and doing everything at home My good friend is a personal trainer which is why I have managed to learn the home techniques.

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