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Thread: Telling my shrink... How?!

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    Question Telling my shrink... How?!

    I've been seeing a shrink for a few months now, and it's got to the point where I've talked about loads of stuff in general, but it seems like I can't really express how I feel without mentioning AB/DL stuff...

    But I just don't know what to say! I don't even know what I think about it myself. And my brain just froze when I tried to mention it in our last session.

    All I know is that since I was five I've wanted to wear nappies, and I like the idea of being looked after and having someone else take away all my adult responsibilities... And sometimes I almost feel as if I am still a kid...

    But I can't imagine how I could explain that to anyone face-to-face, and writing it down and not being able to... gradually gauge a reaction would kill me.

    Just mentioning nappies would fill me with shame and self-loathing for being so weird (even though I know it shouldn't matter). And I can't really avoid talking about them when that's kind of how it all started...

    I can tell myself a million times that the guy seems nice and relatively non-judgemental and as a professional psychotherapist isn't going to "out" me to the world... but it still scares the crap out of me! I don't think I could look anyone in the eye again after a conversation like that!

    So... has anyone told their shrink? How did you do it? (I bet you're all a lot braver than I am... )

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    Talking to anyone can be difficult.

    All I can add for certain is;

    1 you picked the best 1st person to talk to.

    2 It gets easier.

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    The way I told my last "real" one was I wrote it down and handed it to him. I started off with something like "This is real embarrassing for me, but a part of who I am that i'm having some trouble dealing with." Then I wen over whatever I wanted to say about it, explain that I don't exactly know the cause and what I hope to archive talking about it.

    He was the last "real" one I saw. After he left for a better job, or more school I was paired up with one who worked at my old school. So I already knew that one personally though back then he wasn't my clinician.

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    Back when I was going through therapy I was never able to talk myself into sharing the whole diaper thing with my therapist. I don't know why, because in all reality that is probably the safest environment to bring up this sort of thing. I never had the nerve. I did tell a friend once, and it didn't even phase her. I look back at the two experiences, and I really wonder why I couldn't tell a therapist, but could tell a friend. Oh well..... In hindsight, I wish I would have told the therapist though, it may have helped me figure a few things out sooner, or even in a different way.

    From your post it seems like the whole diaper/nappy thing bothers you emotionally to some extent. If that's the case my two cents would be to go ahead and just tell the therapist. They're there to help you figure yourself out, it's their job.

    Good luck!

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    It took me about 5 years for me to tell mine but it was wen't well and I regret not diong it sooner.

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    Cheers for the kind words, guys... I guess there's no easy way and I've just gotta bite the bullet... somehow...

    Quote Originally Posted by RangerR View Post
    From your post it seems like the whole diaper/nappy thing bothers you emotionally to some extent. If that's the case my two cents would be to go ahead and just tell the therapist. They're there to help you figure yourself out, it's their job.
    It's weird... The "whole diaper/nappy" thing has always seemed natural and "just one of those things" (even when I wondered whether there was anyone else in the country that felt like this)... And I'm pretty sure my mum knew (and kind of accepted it in a "what I don't see isn't happening" kind of way!)... But it's the idea of telling someone and just imagining how weird and unsanitary they must think me... It's not like I can just run away and take on a new identity (like you can on the internet!)...

    The thing is, I don't even know where to begin. Gaaa! I guess I'll figure it out... eventually...

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    well i regress without knowing in therapy constantly....
    so I guess in a therapist knew whether i liked it or not....I dont have much control over it sometimes.
    but...about nappies, and pacis and bottles, my therapist has no idea!
    But I will say this, if there is one person who is the best person to tell, it is a professional therapist, its just one of the most accepting places to bring this sorta thing out in.

    You dont have to force/rush it....with trust you will eventually be able to tell her things you have been holding back.

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    I guess you know my story tiny. I came home for the weekend from college and had a psychotic break. When I went back to school, my mom searched my bedroom. She found my makeshift diapers and gay porn. She made an appointment for me at a residential mental facility, and told the psychiatrist why I was coming. Sitting out in the waiting room, waiting to be called for the first session was uncomfortable indeed.

    We made our introductions and then he started with the infantilism, telling me it wasn't that big a deal and that I would probably outgrow it. He spent a lot more time with the homosexuality, especially since there were complications. I also was suicidal.

    Really, they've heard almost everything, though some seem fairly dense when it comes to diapers and acting like a baby. Still, it won't faze them. Like Fire2box said, it might be easiest to just write it down. I didn't have to do that because my mom gave him all the information I was most ashamed and terrified about. I went away feeling a lot worse than when I entered. I ended the sessions after having only two.

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