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Thread: The original Nuk 5`

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    Default The original Nuk 5`

    I just had a question, I know most people have moded nuk 5's (like with different shields)

    but is the original nuk 5 Medic Pro (the one thats just plain white for adults) ther sheild bigger on that one? or is it the same as the baby size nuks?

    also..has anybody tried the silicone teat from ?
    which one would you recommend? silicone or latex?

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    It is a larger sheild as it is meant of upto about ten year olds and for therpatutic use beyond I have one of the plain whie medical ones if you would like a picture compared to a normal baby paci one.
    I have a silicone 7 teat from from the 2nd run I think it is number 102 or so it came with a certificate of authenticity and all that jazz
    The 7 is the same size as their 5 in silicone except it has longer stem so it depends on where you like the paci to sit in your mouth.
    The silicone ones are definitely firmer and more durable than the latex ones but I find my self using my clear and pink butterfly latex one a lot more than the silicone one, in fact I use that one more than an of the others and I have around 8 5's + silicone one + a cherry pop, and 6 or so various nuk2-3 baby ones. I think it is because has frame shield instead of a solid one. see here for what I mean it is a MAM transparent 5 MAM 5 but mine is in pink apparently a color they are out of now.

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    cool thanks for the input!.
    I wanted a new nuk5, that was a bigger shield, but the only shields they have available are the "open shields" and I hate those....feels like my mouth is just pushing through the pacifier and doesnt feel comforting :\

    I was thinking of getting regular latex first and if I really wanted another paci Ill get another silicone one to try it out. Mainly because I hear silicone lasts longer than latex but. blah whatever lol Pacis! I love em... I feel like silicone 7 might be too big for my mouth...I saw a video of it but it looks not sure..I dont wana buy something and have it feel like im being choked haha. I might start off with regular 5.

    Again , thanks for input! If anyone wants to add anything feel free =D

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    ^^ here's a picture I took years ago comparing the NUK 3 (baby paci, available in any store), NUK 4 (no longer available) and NUK 5 (the one you mentioned). As you can see, they have a larger shield compared to the baby paci.


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