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  • Colder part of the year

    30 71.43%
  • Warmer part of the year

    2 4.76%
  • Sleep good the year round

    3 7.14%
  • Never sleep very well

    7 16.67%
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Thread: When Do You Sleep Best?

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    Question When Do You Sleep Best?

    With me, it varies with the time of the year. In Summer, even though the house has AC, I'm always either too warm or too cold. I spend part of the night on top the covers and part under them. Sometimes one leg is on top and one leg is kidding! In Winter or when the outside temps stay cooler, I tend to sleep more comfortably under the covers all night. Last night, with the chillier outside temp, the inside temp dropped as well and was down to the low 70s by morning. Best night's sleep I've had in months! Is there a time when you sleep better?

    Made a poll out of this topic just for funsies.


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    Night...It has to be dark...I prefer when it's coldish, so I can have a bunch of blankets and be all warm...Diapers and all that can be nice too

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    Since I work nights, and after my time in the military, I have the ability to sleep any time and anywhere. I prefer to sleep in the cold, wrapped in a heavy down duvet or sleepinig bag, breathing the cold air.

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    I never sleep well :\

    Stay up for hours thinking, and wake up 7 hours later unable to drift back to slumber. Unless I am terribly exhausted, I'll never get the sleep I long for.

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    colder definitely

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    I was going to say in class, but since it's not an option I'll definitely have to go with when it's colder. When it's really cold and I'm all warm under my blankets I can get some amazing sleep . And in the morning I have a really hard time convincing myself to get out of bed haha.

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    I sleep like the dead any time. I can particularly go to sleep with loud rock music playing. This time of year I'm sleep deprived anyway because I work two jobs, and I help my wife do dialysis at home. But really, I also like sleeping when it's cold under a thick warm blanket. And like Pojo said, for me on the weekend, a warm diaper is kind of nice. Ah....the things that bring us peace and comfort!

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    I like it when its cold and snowy out and I am huddled u under all my blankies with my pajamas and my diaper, its so secure and comforting.

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    In the colder weather. In the summer it's so nice out that I want to stay up, I want to go out with friends (even if it's me calling them and begging someone to hang out with me, even at 4am or something) and I'm either too cold or hot, usually both extremes in the same night.

    In the winter there is no reason for me to leave the house, because it's cold out and I like my window cracked so I can get all cozy under the blankies!

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