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Thread: Tena Discreet Protective Underwear Review

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    There aren't really many products one can buy in normal UK stores. If the only way for you to obtain padding is through your local supermarket, you're a little too large for drynites/underjams, and you're looking for a more 'girly' print than other adult pull-ups, these might be just what you're looking for!

    Price and packaging!




    Ideal Usage
    These 'diapers' feel a lot like normal underwear, just a little thicker. They're really only good for people who value ultra-discretion over...well....anything else, or those who simply CAN'T get anything better. They're not really usable for a full wetting; you have to double up or stuff them for that, and that can add up over time. With doubling up, you have to pay 1.20 per change, and that's just uncool, considering some premium diapers sell for around that.

    Personally, I suggest stuffing them with Underjams with the cloth-like cover removed. The heat/pressure actually causes the Underjams to adhere nicely to the inside of the pull-up, keeping it in place; also helps with clean-up, as it turns into one single piece. Here, have some bonus images to demonstrate.

    With a stuffer, this is a workable arrangement, and I love how snugly it's held against my diaper area (males may feel differently, I suppose), it feels very secure. However, at around 1.16/change (with Underjams at 5.10), it's not really worth it to buy these unless you can't buy online. If you do have to purchase some kind of pull-up from a store, I'd say these are marginally better than the generic brands, but not by much.

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    Thanks CharliePup for the great review! I've been thinking of getting those for some time now and ur review really helped

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    Thanks for the review.

    I've not bothered with the Discreets, though I've seen them. I just know they're not going to be absorbent enough for me. I do buy Tena Pants Super, and those are mainly what I wear at home. They're thicker, they can just about take one bladder-full and thankfully they're plain white without the flowers. Apparently they do a Maxi as well but I've never seen those anywhere except online.

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    Thank you for the review, I'd be considering these for a while but now I don't think I'll bother. I was expecting them to just be bigger goodnites but they're not, so thanks for letting me know as I would have been quite annoyed at the money wasted.

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