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Thread: Has anyone had a REAL Accident?

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    Default Has anyone had a REAL Accident?

    I know it's probably been asked a trillion times... But have you? I had one when I was 13! I was in class and and the teacher was a sub, I was on a IEP becuse I had/have a small bladder it was the most embasresing thing ever you don't know I really thought about shooting myself

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    when i have a few drinks i open myself to accidents but thats about it.

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    A few months ago, I literally wet the bed. On accident. I have never wet the bed before. It was quite the humiliating experience. I was dreaming that I was urinating a really steady stream into a toilet and then woke up. Low and behold, I was peeing for realsies. Quite the ironic situation, since I wear diapers recreationally and wasn't wearing one when it happened. Oh well! I chalk it up to drinking a pop before bed and not going to the bathroom beforehand.

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    i have, i was in my girlfriend in my room (not what you think Lol) anyway, I started tickling her, then she tickled me back, and i fell off the bed. long story short, the floodgates were released. luckily she was very understanding about it and helped me haha

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    Twice. I don't know what movie it is, but I think I remember some girl being alone and had just used a public toilet. Then she left and the big, scary, blob monster came after her. I think that is what made me leery of public bathrooms for a while. After a soccer game, I needed the toilet, but I remember the bathroom being disgusting, and I didn't want to use it. I struggled as hard as a seven year old could, but I promptly lost the battle, and wet myself. The other time was a similar story. I was helping out outside at my dad's work I needed the bathroom, but I thought I could hold it until we got home. I was wrong. Luckily for me, he had a pair of coveralls I could wear. Unluckily for me, we had a family over for some reason or another. Nobody said a thing when I walked in wearing only a pair of coveralls that were too big for me.

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    a few times

    1) once I sleep-walked to the bathroom but apparently couldn't get my footy-pjs unzipped in my sleep and ended up peeing in them (around age 5)

    2) I was at GS camp and we were doing our chores and I really needed to go but couldn't because the bathrooms were still being cleaned and I had an accident while waiting (around age 7)

    3) I've had a couple of accidents where I'll pee a little bit when I'm made to laugh way too hard/sneeze really hard with a full bladder

    4) I also wet the bed a couple of times when I was little due to really really bad nightmares

    4) I had a couple of accidents when I had a bad UTI and couldn't tell when I was peeing or not so I got some depends and my doc gave me antibiotics and I got better, this is actually why I realized the feeling of being diapered up like a little kid again, and that my experimentation with diapers when I was a child wasn't just due to childhood curiosity (this was around 6-7 months ago)

    5) a couple of days ago I accidentally wet the bed a little because I had been wearing to bed for the past few nights and so when I half woke up because I needed to pee I just started to go because the way my blankets were bunched it felt like I had a diaper on, needless to say I only wet a little because I stopped once I realized what was actually happening :blush:

    There are probably a couple more times but these are the ones that I remember vividly

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    Before I became fully incontinent - a few.

    Shortly after I left home at the age of 18 I wet the bed a handful of times. I think that was the stress of a new situation. There have been a few daytime urge incidents too. Usually when I've been out, and it catches up with me on the way home or just as I get to my front door. I have a list in my head of a few places en route where I can hop off the bus, hide in a dark alley or in some bushes somewhere, and go without being seen. Many times that's been the only thing preventing me from having another accident. The worst and most embarrassing one was when I peed on the seat in the bus.

    I wish I'd thought of wearing diapers before.

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    A couple times after eating at a certain resturaunt. (IT varies from place to place, but it's almost assured if I drink coffee.) Since I don't drive and I live in a town that has zero public restrooms and no place where I can just go behind a tree and drop my pants, this can be a bit frustrating when you're forced to stop and desperately try not to soil yourself.

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    I'm urinary Incontinent so I dont know if you would consider that an accident, but if you do I have them daily. I had few accidents when I was like 7 years old before I was fully IC. That was simply the start of my Incontinence though.

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    I personally don't like to go #2 anywhere but in the bathroom its to messy to go in your diaper. Anyways I had to go out and about thought I would wear a diaper. I had 2 cups of coffee, fiber one bar when I woke up that morning for breakfast. My stomach felt funny before I left home like gas or something. Two hours later I had to go really bad (#2) thought I would make it home nope I filled my diaper up like never before think god I had one on.

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