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Thread: DL parent and former bedwetter

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    Default DL parent and former bedwetter

    Hi there,

    used to wet the bed as a young boy. Now have one of my own (son), so diapers are not a big issue.

    Love computers and astronomy.

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    A lot of former bedwetters here. It's farely common.

    Astronomy lover, eh? So Mars and Jupiter must have been your favorite planets this past year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediGuy View Post
    yes and venus
    I keep getting the two mixed up. Was it Venus or Mars that was really close to Jupiter this year? Either way it was a beautiful sight. Not as amazing as the week before my 25th birthday in December of 2007 but still pretty nice.

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    it was venus and jupiter which appeared to pass really close.

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    So do you own a telescope or do you mostly just stargaze now and again? I used to live in a really nice area where you could lay down on the grass, far from the light pollution of the populated areas, and just let your eyes get used to the darkness.

    I feel so small when I see the Milky Way and the sky full of stars. And I especially like it when I can see low flying satellites, meteors, etc. I can't imagine why anyone would pay the admission to a planetarium when you can basically see the same thing for free and without the annoying "oohs and ahhs" of the crowd.

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    Do not own a telescope as of yet, by planning on buying one for the autumn.
    There are usually days you can use telescopes for free. check with your local amateur astronomers

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    as you all can imagine I support my 12 year old son as much as I can Not easy wearing diapers at his age.

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