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Thread: I'm gonna be a daddy!

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    Default I'm gonna be a daddy!

    I don't know if this sorta thing is allowed to be posted, if not, then please feel free to remove it.

    Anyhow, my wife had a doctor's appointment today and I found out I am soon to be a daddy! The wife has a history of migraine headaches. She found out she has certain food allergies that are culprits in triggering these headaches. Well today was her doctor's appointment, as as usual they did a blood test and the results came back that she is pregnant! I am happy and worried at the same time, LOL.

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    Congratulations! Probably not the thing to be joking about but.... Will your kid have angel wings? :P.... sorry I had to. xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilBabyMarcus View Post
    Will your kid have angel wings? :P.... sorry I had to. xD
    LOL, Well of course they will! It only makes sense that a cherub's offspring would have wings.

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    Does your wife have wings or are you married to a mortal?

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    LOL, married to a mortal.

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    Congratulations, Cherub. I wish you and your wife all the best.

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    You know based on this site, you title can have so many implications.
    But congrats none the less.

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    YAY!!! Congratulations to you, Cherub, and your wife!!! You are so blessed!

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    Congratulations. Looks like there will be a real baby to give you a run for your money...haha.

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    i would ask if you were ready to be a father, but i doubt that any one really is. so, did you turn white (to match you wings) when you got the news?
    the next little item you may want to think about is just how many little darlings that you want. after you get the first one, he, or she, will need some company to play with you know....... ((big smile)

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