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Thread: Really into baby diapers

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    Cool Really into baby diapers

    my girlfriend had our daughter 4 years ago and was putting her into a pamper and i was asleep on the bed and wet myself so she put me into my daughters pampers and for a year and a half she controlled me and kept me in nothing but huggies,luvs,pampers, and adult diapers. i love scenarios where i get caught and diapered or just how i get humiliated i look forward to talking to many of you and i have plenty of other diaper stories on how i was diapered

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    So, if you love scenarios like that so much, can we assume that your girlfriend didn't really keep you diapered for a year and a half after catching you wetting the bed?

    I hope you'll excuse me for being sceptical, but you must realise that's very far-fetched and since it's only your first post we have nothing to base your reliability on.

    Why don't you confirm what is the truth, and also introduce us to yourself properly, such as by including your outside interests, how you found the site, etc?

    We have a sticky at the top of this forum to help you, if you're struggling to think of what to say!

    And in the meantime, welcome to the forum

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