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    ok so my babysitter has just gone out and brought one of those 6ft deep rigid sided garden pools and has said that I have to have a swim nappy to use it.

    does anyone know any sites that sell Ab/dl swim nappies I have been told it must be girls one piece or bikini style

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    Hi bill, I'm sorry to slightly derail your thread but I was just wondering if you could clear a few things up for me.

    I hope you don't take offence but I'm starting to find your stories a little far fetched. In the past month you've decided that you're an LG, found a caregiver, decorated a full AB nursery, and now you've got a pool as well.

    Obviously I'm very happy for you if it's all true, but I'm struggling to believe it, I'm sure you can understand! Any chance you could post a few pictures of your things or something, just to help prove your story? Or some other way?

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    I already have posted a load of pictures, things have happened very quickly (partly thanks to this site) and its not a full Ab nursery its still very much a work in progress, also as I have said in my blog im not all that sure it is new just newly recognised but if its all too impossible for you to believe that im sorry please feel free to delete my account because I really dont know how to convince you im not lying also whats so unbelievable about having a pool in the garden focus sell them argos sell them b&q sell them and their just a few places my sister even had a bigger and deeper one in her garden a few years know what offence taken i dont lie i dont have to lie and i very much resent being called a liar to hell with you and to hell with this site

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    Well, I'm very sorry to have offended you.

    You have to realise that you've got a very far-fetched story. That's not a reflection on you, it's a reflection on the story.

    I can remain skeptical until it's proven to my satisfaction, but I'm much less likely to believe you if you get upset with me.

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    (To bill1971) uh, dude, take it easy. It's not you, it's just that a lot of people come on here and just make stuff up.
    As a side-note, three pictures is not 'A load,' and Talula was asking for pictures of the things you posted about. (The nursery, the pool, etc.)
    But, with my main point, there was no need to be so rude when Talula was just requesting more details as per usual routine on this site.

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    This thread certainly went awry quickly. If you'd care to start over and be more open to people's reasonable questions, by all means do so.
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