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    Default Tena in Hong Kong

    I will be in Hong Kong next week and I am wondering if anyone can tell me what store(s) in Hong Kong sell any of the Tena Slip (Plus, Super, and Maxi) line.


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    Welcome grocery stores sell them and they usually only carry maxi. There diapers can be found in the same location as the baby diapers.

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    You might be lucky and find Dr P also some pharmacys carry interesting kinds that are a pack of 10 for like $4 or so usa u just hafta see...

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    Excellent, thanks for the response! Do you know how much a pack of Medium Maxi's usually cost (in HKD or USD)?

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    last time I bought them they were around HKD$70 for a pack of 8.
    I also recommend you to try the dr.p as they are also quite nice and also cheaper than tena (around $60 for 10)
    Also be aware that they only sell tenas in larger stores. You're more likely to find them in those "superstores".
    I've also seen Jusco supermarket selling Tena Slip Super some time ago but I'm not sure if they still do now.

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