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Thread: Baby Wipes

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    Huggies is the only brand I ever used, I am comfortable with their product because it has never torn or done something unpredictable. I would purchase a box, then after that get the replaceable packs later if you feel they are satisfactory.

    And relevant:

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    You'll find everybody has a different opinion on this. I personally love the "Pampers Thick" wipes or "Pampers Baby Fresh" wipes, as those are what I grew up with.

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    Like Bambino said, it really does depend on what you grew up with. Scent memory is our purest one, and the most easily recalled when smelled again, so pampers baby fresh are great for me. Try different kinds and see what does it for you, eventually one will smell familiar and you'll fall in love. Failing that, I like any scented ones, though the only two that are well scented that I know of are baby fresh and CVS softcloud. Some ABs of course might need gentler, unscented wipes.

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    Huggies One and Done are, so far, the best I've found.

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    Huggies one and done. They aren't scented but they are good with messes. Both me and my gf are happy about that.

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    Personally, I love the softness and feel the Pampers wipes, but I grew up with the smell that huggies use to have which is now the smell that is carried by walmart brand "parents choice" so i use those now, even though they are FAR from being as soft as pampers, they smell fantastic lol

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    I personally use a mixture of Huggies Soft Skin and Huggies Sensitive. Both are really great and non-irritating to the skin so you can use the wipes over and over without irritation, and the soft skin has the benefit of being like using lotion and is especially great if you've had some chafing in the area. They also are both very soft and are dependable, I've never had one rip or tear on me during use but really, buy a couple of travel packs of different brands/kinds and find out what you like best!!

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