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Thread: Total Frustration

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    I think the total frustration of a lot of our wants in a diaper is know what people make them but we can't seem to buy them... If you ever want to know what I mean just browse around on here's a few examples of what I mean.
    Nice Pink one
    Baby Print Style
    Another baby style
    Makes me wish I had an importer's license and a few thousand $$.. Some of them have good absorption listed too! like 1400-2000ml.. If there was a "crying" smiley I'd put it now :crying:

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    $0.30/diaper. #CheapPersonApproved I really wish I could buy diapers that cheap. I dislike spending money. lol

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    Wow... I never knew these existed about thirty seconds ago, and now I want them. @[email protected]

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    This makes me wonder why a company like ABU doesn't get some in...especially that first one. Pink diapers would fill the 'sissy' niche nicely.

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    But how good are these, really? Are they just offbrands, cheap Chinese import stuff... or actual quality? I know you say they have good absorption volumes, but who knows how the fit/seal/etc is.

    Though I gotta say, I really want some diapers like that first link.. Would be nice to see some quality diapers in quantities less then nine billion like those around :>

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    ABU actually imports their diapers from somewhere, it could be omeone on alibaba, I'm not sure. There's always a risk of getting a bad product. But, then again, you never know. I've also looked at their diapers for quite some time now. Interesting to say the least. BUT I'll never go through so many diapers. I've thought about reselling them. But I dont have the storage space nor the reputation (to sell) to buy a truckload of diapers.

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    I know what you guys mean. As for ABU if you look at some of the companies listed while browsing though I have seen both pictures of diapers that look EXACTLY like cusies and ones that look EXACTLY like Bleissimo's from bambino as well as the classico's .. You will occasionally see them on the photos marked under the "other products" this company does.
    Makes you wonder then why ABU / Bambino won't get in some of these .. as well.. why then if it's .30 a diaper are we paying $2/$3 ea?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knom View Post
    Makes you wonder then why ABU / Bambino won't get in some of these .. as well.. why then if it's .30 a diaper are we paying $2/$3 ea?
    Because you have to by these diapers 24000 dollars worth at a time.

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    I understand buying 240000 of them would make for a lot of money, however it still doesn't change the fact they are $.30 a peice weather you buy 10 or 100000, even with shipping I doubt very much that it would bring the cost up to say even $1.50 or $2 each where they are only making a profit of $.20 a diaper. That is what I am getting at.

    But like everything in a limited supply market.. it's expensive. When they can make pink/baby print/huggie/pamper replicas etc for $0.30 ea, but only 3 online stores will carry them because they are "taboo" / "fetish" products.. they then begin to hold a monopoly of sorts, allowing them to charge what they like.

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    omg I SO wish these diapers were readily available, they look absolutely BEAUTIFUL... why is it so hard for a company to make an amazing looking babyish adult diaper... dont get me wrong, cushies look great, but they dont live up to the soft, pastel colors like the ones on Fabines, I personally LOVE the fabine design, its the closest look to a baby diaper ive ever seen marketed, up until now when I saw the all over baby print one linked here. AND with a WAISTBAND

    we can only hope.

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