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Thread: first plushi

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    Default first plushi

    Hey just got a new plushi form NY and how do you guys and girl deal with the people who thinks it weird my parents thinks it weird that i have one and my sister laughs at my how do you deal with this

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    I haven't had anyone who thought it was weird yet or if they do think something they never say it. My best advice is to simply ignore it and don't carry them around if they are at home.

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    just ignore them
    big deal you got a stuffed animal so what?
    the one who laughs is jealous.

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    yea but it hard when its your parents and has anyone taken it to collage

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    I had my plushy tiger with me at college and it sat every day on my pillow, I'm 22 and my roomates were all 18, and they didn't have a problem with it, never acted the least bit weird about it. Frankly i'm kind of surprised that your family reacted that way, seems to me that most people don't really care to much, usually they get a little curious, but not enough to laugh about it.
    By the way, if at college you do get a hard time for a plushy, just act like it has sentimental value (from a girl friend or something), they can't blame you then.

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    The best way to approach a college situation with that too, is don't hide it at the beginning. When you unpack, just plop your plushy on your bed like it is completely normal, if you wait too long then they will know you were hiding it in the beginning and have reason for embarrassment.

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    Haha...imagine being 64 and having several of them sitting on your bed. I've been caught several times by my grandchildren when they come in while I'm taking a nap. At first I was a little distressed, but I really don't care all that much. My big teddy bear gives me so much comfort, that I don't feel like I owe anyone an explanation. I do understand that it would be difficult in college. I don't think I would have had the guts, but who knows. Many people are more accepting of such things these days. Life is tough, and we all have our coping mechanisms.

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    While not as old as DogBoy...I'm still fairly ancient (49 :-() but anyway...I have a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge collection of plushies...the main one, of course, is my bear "Oberon" (he's 63" tall...kind of difficult to 'hide'...not that I'd want to!) kids, my granddaughter (my grandson isn't old enough to appreciate him yet), even my new roommate (a guy, I might add, from Iran!) think he (Oberon) is the greatest thing since sliced bread. LOL They use him as a pillow, try to stuff him into small spaces (yes, he DOES fit in the little cabinet under the TV), toss him on the floor and jump on him (that's a bit rude, don't you think?), my ganddaughter even uses him as a bed...and sometimes as a blanket (I don't know how she does it LOL). The rest of my collection kind of pales in comparison, being a LOT smaller in size than my favourite teddy....but no one has mentioned it. *shrugs*
    When I was at uni it was not unusual for girls (or guys) to have a plushy or two on our bed (or on a shelf). I got a couple of plushies as gifts while I was in uni (and gave a couple, too)...and they sat on my shelf (or in the case of the ones given on the recipient's shelf) :-)
    I wouldn't make too much of it....your sister is just jealous! :-D As for the 'rents, well...I would think they'd be a little more understanding, but anyway...wouldn't give it two thoughts. If you like it...display it (on your bed/chair/wherever). I had a friend (GUY friend) who had a huuuuuuuuuuge collection of Tiggers...I'm talking HUNDREDS of them. For me, it's TY not just the bears...ANYTHING made by TY...I've never counted them, but I have a recycling bag filled to the brim. Sooooo, maybe start a 'collection' of something unique...for a while with me it was bunnies...I have an Anne Geddes baby bunny (well, 2 of them actually), as well as a teddy bear in a bunny costume...and a bunny that was my mum's.
    So, I guess what I'm tryin' to say is just to have fun with it...if it brings you some pleasure, ignore the nay-sayers....they're just jealous they don't have a nice plushy too

    ps What kind of plushy did you get? *curious*

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    I'm only 31 but also have a Teddy (Chubby) sitting on my bed and don't worry too much (ok, to be honest, I live alone. But I get visitors too and when I have the blinds open my next door neighbours can see him sitting there). Anyway, I wrote that a couple of days in a different thread, but it fits here as well: I had two girls staying at my unit for a week. I wasn't there the first days when they arrived, just left them the key. Left my teddie sitting on the cupboard next to the bed. When I arrived, he was sitting in the middle of the bed between the pillows of the two girls and I thought "Good on him!". Anyway, when they left the one girl reminded the other that she forgot to pack her teddy. The other one replied that he was already there when they arrived, resulting in a surprised "Oh", but nothing further was said. I found that quite funny.

    That your family members make fun of you is a bit said, hopefully they get tired of it at some stage. I can remember that our parents bought even plushies for us when we were teenagers if they saw a funny one (my brother had a big grey hippo on his bed until he moved out when he was 19).


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    The only thing my mom knew about was my love for Cabbage Patch Kids. She didn't mind it as long as I didn't play with them in front of my step-dad.

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    I didn't get a plushi until about 5 weeks ago. My roommate is not living here so I got lucky, but I ordered a My little pony plushi and it sits on my bed during the day time. One time my friends came up and all they did was ask me if I was a brony.

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