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    Hello everyone! I've had an account on this site for a few weeks, but I've been so busy with school that I've never written an introduction (consequently, I'm now apparently a "lurker," but I guess one can always afford to lurk moar).

    Anyway, about me: I live in the US, and this fall I will be a freshman in college. School has kind of eaten away at my life for the past two or three years, but that's probably no loss - it's an experience in itself. When I get to college, I hope to study something science/math-related, probably chemistry - explore the mysteries of the matter and whatnot. I'm interested in languages as well, particularly German, Russian, and Japanese, and I hope to travel out of the US multiple times during college. Of course, I also hope to make some ABDL friends in college, though that will probably be more difficult.

    I'll go ahead and talk about my fetishes to get everything into the open. I like ABDL a lot, but I've never mustered up the courage to go out and actually acquire a pack of diapers. I'm looking forward to leaving my parents' house so that I can experiment more with the fetish. Not to say that my parents would try to send me to therapy or anything extreme like that if they found out, but currently I would prefer for them not to know - it just seems easier this way. So far, I've been able to keep it a secret.

    I wouldn't consider myself wholly an AB or a DL - I also like dominance and submission, humiliation, omorashi, and other things in the same vein. Diapers and the idea of lack of control over certain bodily functions are central to my sexuality, however. I've known that my sexuality wasn't exactly normal since around maybe age 9 or 10, and sometimes it's been hard to accept that (though I would never begrudge anyone the right of sexual self-determination).

    I have had a girlfriend for almost a year, and am wondering when I should tell her about my fetish (as well as what will happen to our relationship when we go to college). I like to play upright bass. Practicing gives me a great feeling. I also enjoy literature, though sadly I don't read as much as I used to. Recently though I've been thinking about the feelings of submission in Kafka's The Metamorphosis. I write a little bit, too, but not seriously or regularly. I'm a fan of strange movies (think Eraserhead) and "artsy" anime - my top two are Evangelion and Elfen Lied. In terms of music, classical and rock/metal are my favorites. Beethoven and Wagner are wonderful, and Mastodon is just fun to listen to.

    Anyway, hopefully I'll be posting more regularly and becoming less of a "lurker." I really like the idea behind this community!

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    Welcome to ADISC, remember not to pack on too many classes when you get into college, you don't want to get overloaded!

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