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    So I thought I would like to share my story with you guys and how I came to realize that I was a sissy, and how I really do fit on after all.

    It all began like many of you when I found that horrible site Deeker's diaper page when I was about 13 or 14. At that point I realized I was not alone which made me feel so much better. Before that I kind of felt like a freak of nature, and wondered why I was not "into" girls. I wondered why I enjoyed things like thongs, panties, and dresses. But I really did not understand it too well, I was too young imo.

    Anyway, I found ADISC when I was about 16 and learned how to properly use the internet. I was glad to ditch Deeker's diaper page because of all the horrible stories they have on there. At first I was confused because I thought I was just into diapers but I did not realize the sissy side of myself. After a while I felt that I did not belong because of the sissy side. (At that point in time there was no 'sissy section' on the forum.)

    I tried another adult diaper website but I did not like it that much. However what that site did teach me was that I am a sissy. I enjoy cloth diapers and dresses. I am proud of who I am and I do not have to hide that anymore. I am grateful to that they have this section (Sissy/ Little girl) section because it makes me fit in. Previously I felt a little bit out of whack, because I did not really fit into the adult baby, teen baby, or diaper lover section. I fit with being a sissy.

    Thank you for helping me fit in. That was my story in a nutshell. Love you guys!

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    yea, "sissy" is such a nasty thing to be called in school when your all alone. or by you brothers at home.....

    but when you finely find out you have family out there who are sissy's too and experience the world the way you feel it. well it just feels so sissy-good.......

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    It does feel good, and I kind of chuckle when co-workers call me that out of spite. Love me some ballet tights/dresses/diapers! :P

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