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Thread: Whats your Job/degree??

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    Default Whats your Job/degree??

    job - non
    degree - valuation (in the process)

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    Job - Undergrad research on UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete)--basically I research journal articles, build formwork & cast UHPC into T-beams, and then smash them to determine behavior & properties.

    Degree - Will be finished with a bachelors' in civil engineering one year from now. Planning on working for a bit and then going back to graduate school for a masters' degree in architecture.

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    Job - NONE (I'm a volunteer lifeguard though)
    Degree - Still working on a high school diploma then most likely going to go get myself a master's degree.

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    Job- IT Manager
    Degree- Associates in Computer Systems Occupational Technology
    Associates in Web Design

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    I have no job currently, and probably won't for while.

    My degree (which I'm currently in the very first week of studying) is a Joint Honours BSc in Mathematics and Philosophy.

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    *Déjà vu* I'm sure we've had a thread like this before, but what the hell.

    I work as a barman and waiter at a restaurant, and a club DJ.

    aaaand studying an Honours degree in Computer Arts and Digital Media.

    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post
    My degree (which I'm currently in the very first week of studying) is a Joint Honours BSc in Mathematics and Philosophy.
    My brother went to University to study Economics and Mathematics and ended up dropping Mathematics after his 1st year because it was "too easy"... tool ¬.¬

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    Job: Warehouse Manager

    Degree: None

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    My job? I'm an intake coordinator for Maryland state government's Public Defender's office. I work half in an office, half in a detention center, interviewing potential clients with charges ranging from incarcerable traffic violations to murder and murder conspiracy. I get to hear a lot of interestingly morbid stories. I get to talk on those neat phones in the jail where you sit across from someone separated by glass. I love it. It does, however, merit a certain amount of knowledge that can work towards shattering any previous expectations of humanity. Ever want to talk to someone who smokes crack and does heroin despite the fact that they're about to give birth to twins in two weeks? Please, come join me!

    Despite my job, however, I'm not anywhere near interested in becoming an attorney. I don't have enough care for people who **** up their lives to want to defend them in a court of law. As for my degree, I'm currently going to school to get a degree in American literature, and then I want to continue on with a masters, and potentially work towards a PhD. I would love to teach at a university and help get people interested in some of the greatest written works of our world!

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