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Thread: Will [probably] be gone for a while...

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    Default Will [probably] be gone for a while...

    Yeah, the title says it all really.

    I think I need some time to think; as some people may be aware, things aren't going great for me and haven't been doing so for a while. I've not handled this well, and the result of this has been me whining on about this to people beyond what they care to hear. This isn't good for anyone, including myself.

    So, I may not be around for a while, and I don't know how long either.

    Aside to say, that if things don't get better soon, i'm contemplating teh ultimate pan-ultimate drastic action.

    Anyways, catch you all later, possibly.


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    I hope things get better for you. And don't ever consider "teh ultimate pan-ultimate drastic action." I hope to see you on here soon and for a long time. You can always PM me if you need to talk/vent.

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