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Thread: First time....and it was nice !

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    Talking First time....and it was nice !

    Well, today I actually wore diapers in public for the first time ! I have never before wore outside of the house or around people and today I just jumped in with both feet. I had some errands to run today and thought, what the heck? I'll try it! I ran my errands and then went to the movies and Taco Bell with my sister padded and no one noticed I wasnt even that nervous....I knew from others experinces that no one would be looking at my butt so if i acted normal, no one would notice, and no one did. I was great being out and about padded I think I will do it again tommrow! I know this is probably a useless post, but I just had to tell someone I wore in public and got away with it!

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    Congrats, surprised you weren't nervous though (even reading posts about). I know when I first wore out, even though I had also read/heard things about how no-one notices etc., I was incredibly nervous! It is pretty surpising though how little people really pay attention to what is going on around them; I think you'd have to make it so blatantly obvious for people to really notice O_O.

    Well, this should make it not "probably useless" if it is =P, what movie did you see? how was it, do you recommend it?

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    Congrats! I've been wearing 24/7 for over a month due to increased incon, and no-one has noticed at all. This evening I went to the pub with some mates, playing pool and bending over the pool table and still no-one noticed. They probably just think I have a fat butt (I'm kind of short and chubby generally). :P It really doesn't worry me at all any more unless I get close to the point when I feel like I'm about to leak.

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    My first time wearing diapers in public was around 18. Thankfully I only have slight wet incon but no one has noticed. Not even my own parents notice. Good job!

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