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    Smile Moved here from FetLife

    Hey Guys and Gals I moved here from FetLife when one of my friends said this was a better community with better people. Im still very new to wearing diapers openly and all the things that go with it. I hope to be active but I cant make any promises! I will give it a good try though I followed the model from the sticky so here goes.

    What brings me here? I love to wear diapers, my footie pajamas, and snuggle with my stuffed bear named rupert. I dont see anything wrong with that even though my family ridiculed me for bedwetting when i was younger and my incessant need to sleep with a stuffed animal even through high school and present. Im still getting comfortable with the idea of regression and being a 'little' but ill get there with guidance.

    I am a Jeep guy. I own a '97 Jeep wrangler and she is a constant project. I see my jeep as a set of big boy legos. They cost more and make more messes! I love to do things in the outdoors. I am an Eagle Scout and grew up in a scouting family where we were always outside doing something. Camping, fishing, and hiking are a few things I like to do if and when I have time. I also spend my summers teaching merit badges at a local scout camp so thats where i get a lot of my outdoors fill these days. I am a full time student and work part time at the local mall. I also am a Soldier in the Army National Guard and I have a blast with what I do.

    I came to this community because fetlife is lacking in the AB/DL community and I didnt like how their forums were maintained and organized. I was looking for support and like minded people that were close to my age so that I didnt feel as alone for liking to wear diapers.

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    there's plenty of people on FL who are into diapers/ageplay. It's a good 18+ site, way better than say, diaperspace which is a trainwreck full of empty profiles and fakes.

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    FL isn't that bad to be honest, though it may be a bit overly adult at times compared to here. Make sure to check out the rules by the way, since this site is stricter on some things then FL (it has to be because people under 18 are allowed), but you haven't done nor sound like will do anything against the rules, so don't worry! Only mention it to help keep any unintended issues to come up. Oh and if you are looking for people to chat with, check out the chat sometime!

    Anyways, that out of the way, welcome! Why is the jeep a constant project, out of curiosity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote_Howl View Post
    Anyways, that out of the way, welcome! Why is the jeep a constant project, out of curiosity?
    She runs great but my buddys and I love to do modifications to our jeeps. I still want to put a 3 to 4 inch agressive lift with 33inch tires among other things. Why so constant? Haha well...mostly it boils down to money I guess. If I had a whole boatload of money Id do all the modifications i wanted from the get-go and then be set. Im always finding things i want to add or modify, more projects i want to complete etc. Its like a kinex set if you remember those - soo many possibilities soo little time.

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    Welcome to Adisc and what a great intro. I've never been to FetLife so I can't compare but I've always found the community here friendly and nice. See you around the boards.

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    Welcome to the site. I have two Jeeps, but I drive my '96 Jeep Cherokee to work every day. It still gets out and runs, burning the tires if I tromp it. Lots of fun! The other Jeep is a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee which my wife usually drives, and which we take on trips.

    I too love getting out into the great outdoors. For years, my family and I used to go into Northern Canada where the fishing was great.

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