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Thread: What characters would you like to see on padding, but haven't yet?

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    Default What characters would you like to see on padding, but haven't yet?

    Over the years, we have all seen countless themes appear and then vanish from lines of diapers and training pants. Some have been adorable, others mediocre, a few disappointing. Yet, even with all the styles that have come and gone, there are a few I would love to see featured, but never have thus far. With this in mind, what would you like to see featured on a line of padding?

    For me, it would be the characters from Over the Hedge, the Berenstain Bears and Zakumi, the mascot from the 2010 South African World Cup.

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    My Little Pony, Powerpuff Girls, Tinkerbell, Hello Kitty & Strawberry Shortcake!! That is my short list for now!!

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    pokemon, fosters home for imagery friends, my little pony but only for training pants I think.

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    I would wear a diaper picturing Micky Mouse and Pluto on the front.

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    Franklin would be wonderful as would Little Bear or Little Critter. Of course I can't forget about Baby Mickey Mouse and the rest of the Disney Babies. I would absolutely love it if they were on say SDK, Cushies or Bambinos
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    going way back here but samurai pizza cats

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    Gundam Seed or Gundam 00 would probably be most recognizable but if they went with Seed they could have boys and girls designs

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    Well, this is pretty obvious, but I'd love to see Tails and other Sonic characters on one. Seeing as it's family entertainment, it wouldn't surprise me a whole lot either. I'd just love it, heh. Also predictably, I wouldn't mind having a Simpson's pair or two for the novelty sake.

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    こなた いずみ or Hello Kitty. Out of ALL of the animes I've watched over the years, こなた is my #1 favorite and she is EXACTLY everything I am, only anime'd and a girl >.>

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    my little pony for sure and probably some phineas and ferb

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