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    Is anyone else a fan of the former G N' R guitarist? His new album is coming out and it is going to KICK SOME ASS!!!!! Anyway, I feela little alone because none of my friends are into him.

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    One of the gnarliest rock guitarists ever. Appetite for Destruction has some genius work on it. Dude has some of the best riffs / solos around, and he's been consistently good for a long time. The GNR stuff is legendary, but VR had some great material too, and his last solo album was top notch (never really listened to Snakepit ever). All that said, I heard the first single off his new album on the radio today, and while its better than most modern radio rock, it still seemed kinda cookie cutter. Whatever. Dude is playing my city this summer, and I'm betting the set will include some old classics, so can't miss out on that.

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    Loved him as part of GnR, and he is a hell of a guitarist.. but his post-GnR stuff just never clicked with me.

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    He's a pretty good guitarist. A bit overrated in my opinion but not bad my any means. His overratedness does unfortunately bring him a lot of pointless hate, which in my opinion makes no sense. Overrated =/= bad automatically.

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