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Thread: Aim/AOL error code 420?

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    Default Aim/AOL error code 420?

    I'm trying to setup a new Aim account. But every time i go to register i get an error code 420. I've tried using every browser i know of. I've ran Malwarebytes, avg, Ccleaner, and Spybot search and destroy multiple times. Nothing i have tried works. Everytime i try i get this:

    Thanks for putting 110% into signing up for AOL accounts.

    Love your passion! We'd also love a quick break to process your requests. Take a breather. Maybe grab a bite? You may qualify for additional registrations in 24 hours.
    Error code 420

    Has anyone encountered this? any other work-arounds I haven't thought of? Please help I'm at my wits end.

    Never mind the problem was resolved.
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    error code 420? hmmm... 420? perhaps you should toke while setting up the new account?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breeze2 View Post
    error code 420? hmmm... 420? perhaps you should toke while setting up the new account?
    I guessing by "toke" you are talking about an illegal activity. If I'm correct such things should not be posted on adisc.

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