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Thread: 101st Pinkish Purplish Thread ^_^

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    Default 101st Pinkish Purplish Thread ^_^

    ^_^ I guess this'd be considered a landmark, since the forum's only been open for a few months now. Happy 101st thread everyone! Thanks to the support and ideas of a whole bunch of people, this forum went from an idea to actually existing, and I'm sure it's helped a ton of people so far.

    Who knows? Maybe at the next 100 threads, we'll have already taken over all of ADISC!

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    Thanks to all you members, who joined in & stood there with me, as I made post after post after post on why this forum, should be a part of Adisc & it has made me very happy to see it put to such good use & enjoyed by you all!! At the end of the day, even though I pushed hard for this, it is all of you who have made it stay around & now be a permanent part of this site, so again, thank you all!! ^_^

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    Thanks all!!!!! and thank you to those who made this forum possible for us to use and enjoy!!!!!!! &

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    Woohoo! Even though I wasn't active when it was first opened, I'm glad I'm here now!

    *Throws an adorbz party*

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    Yeah, I've been surprised to see it take off, but obviously it fills a need. What's really surprised me is that I've read all the posts and even responded to a number of them.

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    sissy sissy sissy, DogBoy is a sissy...... Na na na

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    This board is the whole reason i come here anymore.

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    you better keep coming little Emo...... i'd really miss you

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    Hurray for sissy's
    I don't know if I am a sissy or not, But I love me some pink :3

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