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    I had a flight booked AND paid for on Frontier Airlines going from MKE (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) to CMH (Columbus, Ohio). Today I got an e-mail that the airline has shut down services to where I am need to go. So I called the number listen in the e-mail to find out what is going on. I was told that the airline has made a business decision to cut certain flights, and mine just happened to be on the list of services they no longer provide, furthermore, there were no other flights Frontier could put me on so I was forced to take a refund (Thank God they at least will refund my money). So, now I have to try to look at other possible flights in the same time frame as my previous flight. Of course since it is now since my plans are only 1 m month away, the prices of ALL alternative flights have gone much much higher.

    So, that's my situation I am stuck trying to fix. My question is: Has anyone else here on ADISC ever encountered such a disastrous impact on their travel plans because an airline was totally at fault for screwing everything up?

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    Screwed over by an airline.. well that sounds unusual

    Ok, I shouldn't joke.. but yeah, I've been screwed over several times. I had an airline straight up go out of business on me (Jetsgo).. that was fun!

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    Yea. Just talk to the people there and explain the situation, I find that if you are persistent enough you can find someone who will help you out and refund/book you on another flight and try to remedy the situation as best they can.

    Keep in mind, flying is a fool proof way of travel, error will occur and sometimes you just have to work with it.

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    Yup just last year the AA cancelled my connecting flight well i was in the air. When i landed there was no flights to late the next day. They offend me a hotel but i said screw it and rented a car and drove the next 4 hours. I think i had more fun driving then I ever would have flying

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    I'm not sure about your local laws, but over here, airlines cannot cancel flights without penalties.

    EU directive 261/2004 states that canceled or delayed flights mean
    (1) the airline has to find alternative transportation, or
    (2) refund the full price, whichever the passenger chooses.

    Should alternative transportation incur a delay up to 2-4 hours (depending on distance) at the final destination, the airline is to pay the passenger between 250 and 600 EUR (depending on distance). The penalty for delay is lower if the airline advises the passenger of the cancellation way in advance (like at least a week) and offers acceptable alternative transportation.

    However, as long as the airline exists, they will have to get you from A to B as contracted. Simply refunding the costs is not enough, as that will then leave it up to the passenger to find alternative transportation at probably considerably higher cost. That would be considered an unfair distribution of risk between airline and passenger and thus incompatible with our legal framework.

    Plus according to a recent EU High Court decision, you can now sue the airline at the airport of departure or arrival, so don't even have to bother with whatever crazy laws they have at their registered office.


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    I had a similar situation two years ago, where I had booked a round trip to Toronto through Hamburg and back, paying about 700dollars, 6 months in advance. About 3 weeks before my flight back to Gdansk through Hamburg, I was informed that they had decided to cancel the Hamburg-Gdansk connection, and gave me a refund, but at this point the ticket prices were so high that I paid about the same just for a one way trip, this time opting to go through Finland.

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    Ya know, it's a marvel that the airlines are still in business if they pull this kind of crap on their passengers and can be this unreliable. I looked online and the prices of flights have more than doubled! I have to maintain my window of time frame because my oldest nephew is graduating and I want to be there for that. I also already have the time approved from my job as PTO (Paid time off a.k.a. vacation) so to simply schedule for a later date is not an option. because of this debacle I'm thinking about just driving there. Sure, it'll take a LOT longer, but it'll be cheaper and a hell of a lot more reliable.

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    I remember when I was waiting for a flight that would only took one hour from where I was to where I'm going. They suddenly had engine problems so people were put on other flights while some decide to wait till it was fixed. 7 hours later..... we finally got on the flight. At least we got free snacks and drinks (and as many as you would like) while usually they make you pay for it. lol (not just coffee/tea/water which is already free but also stuff like pop you would normally have to pay). But that was a loooooong 7 hours of waiting at the airport. Never again I hope!

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    Living in Newfoundland, we have very limited options to even get off the island. I visit the UK and its already expensive, but with flying Air Canada its even more so to just get anywhere in Canada let alone Europe -_- I have had them go on strike while I traveled twice and then I lucked out and decided to go to Vegas when a bomber decided to try and blow up a plane...that was fun.

    I dont know if it will help your situation, but I use Sky Scanner (Cheap Flights - Compare Airline Tickets with I believe) which searches every flight going to and from the locations you search and lets you see options; maybe show you a cheaper route (although maybe not direct). As someone said though, I am sure theres something you can catch the airline on as they are still in business and operating; therefore they should have the option of (And be required to) routing you through another airport instead of direct?

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