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    Hey there- pretty blunt question here.

    Where is the best place to buy decent adult nappies in London (or Brighton)?

    I am aware that John Bell & Croydon on Wigmore Street, London has a great selection of Tena nappies, but are they any other pharmacy's or similar that sell other good brands of adult nappies?

    Many thanks!

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    Are you just unable to buy nappies online and have them sent to your address? If so, this may help you! I phoned up my local-ish pharmacy and asked if they were able to order products in for me. Was kind of funny telling them what it was i actually needed, but they simply asked for my first name and contact number, how I'd like to pay. She quickly ordered the item (Tena Slip Supers i think) and told me they would be there the following day!

    Was really easy, just a heads up if you struggle to purchase like i did!

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    Lloyds Pharmacy does certain types of adult sized pull-ups, it depends on the store though.

    There is this one UK AB/DL store named Cuddlz and it does some really good items and diapers.

    Cuddlz ABDL Adult Nappy Diaper Store

    I just ordered from and I'm waiting for the diapers I recently bought.

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    There are a few chemist/pharmacies on the Edgware Road that sell Tena Slips ether near the windows or right at the top of the shelves. Don't know what sizes though.

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    there are some adult diapers in the pharmacy next to brighton uni

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