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    Well, I saw on a show a girl telling how she was an adult baby. She said she wore diapers all the time. I was curious so I. Went out to by a pack of diapers yesterday. I used thm and loved thm! It feels so natural 2 me and I love rolling arnd my bed in a wet diaper. I love the thick feeling between my legs! I need some advice tho, I live with my parents so I cn only gt store bought diapers. Wht abt creams and powders?
    If I gt so used 2 wearing diapers, the next time I dnt will I have an accident?
    I want 2 try and work my way up 2 wearing thm in public. Maybe go through the drive threw at burger king first.

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    Hey cool, what show was it?

    What sorts of things do you do outside of diapers?

    Also, can you try and write properly, using '2' instead of 'two' makes your post quite hard to read


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    It takes months of wearing before you have any risk of losing bladder control.

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