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    Default Quick Question!

    Hey everyone, this is a question for the Incontinent members in our community.

    Ok, if you are incontinent and have to wear 24/7, do you enjoy the diapers as much? Just wondered, but wouldn't it be less off a thrill having to wear 24/7 then being a DL?

    Just curious, thanks.


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    Don't know if you've seen the Wiki or not, but just recently DannyTheNinja, BitterGrey and myself have filled out an article on just this very topic.

    From my own personal experience, wearing diapers 24/7 was just.... a hassle. I can't really describe it much beyond that.

    Did it take the fun out of wearing them? At times. I wouldn't really recommend it for any long, extended period of time.

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    Quick question gets a long answer...

    I'm not physically incontinent... but I do wear 24/7 and have been for about 6 months now... so I consider myself IC for most purposes.

    Personally I enjoy it... but I will agree with Lukie that there are times where it can be a hassle. You do have to somewhat schedule your day around diaper changes or you end up wasting diapers... which is expensive. You also have to remember to always carry some spare diapers with you wherever you go... as being caught out in public with a full diaper, no change, and a rapidly refilling bladder is quite the predicament. Trying to quickly find a store that sells adult diapers and then having to shell out $10-20 for a whole pack all while praying that you don't spring a leak while waiting in line makes for a really crappy afternoon. A young guy buying adult diapers may not get that many strange looks... but add wet pants to the mix and you are in for some embarassment.

    Really the first month is the worst, as there are a lot of things to get used to. The heat and bulk of the diaper at all times and changing in crowded public restrooms to name two. You also have to learn the capacity of your diapers... or risk overwetting one and ending up having a leak in a really bad place (like on your friend's couch)... that's hard to explain away. Eventually you get used to the whole thing and it becomes routine. I really don't give a second thought to changing anymore, and everyone has seen my little black bag that I carry around... of course not all of them know what exactly is in it, but that's another story.

    A lot of the work in wearing 24/7 is finding the right diaper. In my experience it is best to keep a good sized stock of at least two different types. You want a thin diaper for daytime use, for shorter trips, when you are actively moving around, for times where changing facilities are going to be readily available... and you want a thick diaper for overnight, sitting around the house, long trips, and situations where changing facilities might be few and far between.

    The way it typically works out, thick diapers cost less per-wetting because they hold so much... but thin diapers are more comfortable. Believe me... as much as you want to keep it cheap... you will find situations where you don't want to be wearing a thick one.

    Other than that, you can pretty much carry on with life as usual...

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    sorry, but that was 17-06-2008 when he made it.

    Just wanted some answers from incon people. Or 24/7.

    DarkFinn, this must make your life difficult, if you are unable to change it can be tricky if your bladder loses all control!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy View Post
    DarkFinn, this must make your life difficult, if you are unable to change it can be tricky if your bladder loses all control!
    Honestly you get used to it... I still enjoy my diapers very much. I am not necessarily looking to lose all control... but if it happens I am prepared to accept it as a consequence of my decision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy View Post
    sorry, but that was 17-06-2008 when he made it.

    Yes, but it hasn't been locked yet...I wouldn't have posted a link to it if it were closed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Yes, but it hasn't been locked yet...I wouldn't have posted a link to it if it were closed
    Admit it Pojo... this thread > Betalame.

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    Yes Tommy, it does take some of the enjoyment out of wearing a diaper for need instead of for fun. I've had to wear them for need now for over 5 years, and the longer I do, the less I like it. At first, it was kind of exciting, because that was something I had fantasized about for years, but the reality of it brings into focus a lot of things you never even think about in the fantasy. There are the messy diapers in a crowded department store or restaurant, or car show, whatever, where ever, and your diaper bag is in the car. You have to decide, do I go home, or do I change here, if I can find a rest room that will accommodate it. And if you aren't close enough to home to just go and change there, do you have enough diapers and supplies with you to handle it? How many do you take with you each time you go out? How bad will it stink, and are you ready for the looks and comments you could get from people about it? I've had this happen in my doctors office 3 times now, and had to go and change before he could see me.
    My biggest problem with being incontinent is the bowel incontinence. I could handle just the bladder fine. But because I'm cursed with having both, it really makes my life difficult at times. I have to plan my day around my diaper, so to speak. It had cut down my social life to almost none. I'm just now finally getting back to going out for different things and not caring so much about what other people may see or think. Most all of my friends now know about my problem, and that has helped tremendously, because I don't need to explain why I'm carrying a back pack around, or why I leave the restaurant in the middle of a meal to go out to my car for my back pack.
    But if you are thinking about doing this as an experiment for yourself, you need to make it as realistic as you can, if you want to truly know what someone that is really incontinent goes through on a daily basis.

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