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Thread: Hi! I'm a newbie! About me

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    Default Hi! I'm a newbie! About me

    hi.. Wanted to introduce myself.. Have been visiting site for years but never registered an account.. Finally decided to join so I can talk with others about diapers.. Only a few people know about me and my BF is one of the few.. He is off and on about how he feels abou me wearing diapers.. Sometimes he doesn't care sometimes he does.

    I have been wearing since 2002 and the earliest I can remember wanting to wear a diaper is when I was 7 or 8, in 1989. I was a bedwetter and my mom bought diapers and threatened to make me wear them. She never forced me to but I remember one day I saw the diapers in the closet and decided to put one on.. Ever since I have been a diaper lover.

    From The age of 8 to 23 I never purchased diapers but I would use sheets or whatever was available to make diapers. I remember one time I used a shee to make a diaper. I had only the sheet wrapped like a diaper on and nothing else.. My mom walked in while I was sitting there to talk to me.

    It happened so fast I couldn't cover up so I sat there in a homemade diaper talking to my mom.. She never commented on it or brought it up.. But was embarrassing..

    Anyways thats a little bit about me. Feel free to ask Q about me..

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodnitesEveryDay View Post
    hi.. Wanted to introduce myself..
    Welcome to the forum. This was definitely one of the more well written intros I've seen in a while. What are your hobbies? What do you do for a living, or are you in school?

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    It's nice to see more people joining the forum. I too was a long time lurker until I actually joined. Nice to meet you anyways.

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    work in the restaurant industry.. finished with school and love sports (basketball mainly)! mainly just work and play.. looking for more support with diapers. still have that guilty phase and I hate it.. I want to be ok with it all the time.

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    i don't know why i waited so long to join.. After reading the site so long I finally feel comfortable posting.

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    I used to make my own diapers out of sheet material when I was a kid. It always felt so satisfying. This is a good site to help one accept these desires. It's not as if we asked to be this way. For whatever reasons, we simply enjoy diapers, or some sort of regression. I too enjoy some sports, and for years, played adult league soft ball. I played with my two sons, and it was a lot of fun. Eventually our league folded, and I got another job, so that ended that.

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    Welcome to the forum glad you joined to me a while but I felt I was missing out

    Hope your enjoying the post and we get o know a bit more bout you xo

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    Interesting....we've all made diapers out of something other than diapers. As a kid I line my underwear with paper towels, used real towels, put on multiple pairs of underwear, used blankets and sheets. Never had my mom come in on me though. I still wonder these many years later if she knew about my diaper love.

    I was wondering, when 7 or 8 in 89', what kind of diapers did your mom buy? That would have been a good moment to wear, and wet, but I'm not sure i would have either, at that age.


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