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    What kind of jewelry do you guys and girls wear?

    I wear a cross around my neck and that's it.

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    I wear a couple Necklaces and that about it. I have a Peace Sign, A Dragon Claw with a Red Ball and Green Jewelry like thing.

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    I don't wear jewelry on a daily basis, except for one thing.

    A friend of mine who has cancer was pretty close to death about 6 months ago. To make a long story short.... her best friend (her uncle) gave her his bracelet when he died (she was 17), and she never took it off since the day he gave it to her. She gave that bracelet to me, so I keep it on all the time.

    I have a ring that my grama gave me that I wear to family functions.

    I have a gold cross that I wear to family functions.

    I have several necklaces that I match to my outfits when I go out somewhere. (Mainly to parties and stuff...)

    I have several pairs of earrings that I match to my outfits when I go out somewhere. (Mainly to parties and stuff...)

    Thats it.

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    Gawd I got/had a lil bit
    2 ankh necklaces
    1 rose sword
    1 cross
    1 collar
    2 rings
    2 silver chains
    1 ankle bracelet
    3 bracelets
    And I'm getting some
    And lip rings

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    I have a few pieces of jewelry I wear on a daily basis, but thats about it.
    3 collars, 2 bracelets, 1 ring, and I'm making more bracelets and necklaces (bought beads yesterday ^^)

    Oh and my lip ring I have of course ^^

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    Besides my 8g tunnels in my ears, I have a navel ring that looks like a zipper. My tongue has a barbell in it... And... I wear a silver dollar sized chinese coin as a necklace frequently

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    Two pair of gold earrings, a gold chain necklace, a gold chain bracelet (I had 2 but lost one last week ), 3 gold bangle bracelets, an emerald & diamond ring, and a pearl & diamond ring. All are yellow gold because I've allergies to everything else!

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    Officially watches are considered jewelry but other then that I don't have any.

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    I'm metal-free, except for my watch, which I wear for convenience, not for jewelry purposes.


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    I have one silver and turquise necklace I bought in the 70's someplace in the house, but I would have to spend time to find it, I'm not much of a jewerly person.

    But I do have what my buddy calls Garage jewerly, my corvette, it just sits there under the car cover, all nice an perfectly clean, and ready to go at a seconds notice.
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