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    I've spent the last three days diapered. wearing "standard" underwear for a medical checkup is proving to be a dissapointment. I can't wait to return to the house so I can diaper up again! Even though I don't have a medical need for them, I certainly seem to have a psychological need. Anyone have personal experience or thoughts to share on this phenomenon?

    P.S. Been using drug store generics, and considering either Abena or Bambino for heavier duty, better designed wear. Bang for Buck: M3's or M4's? Thanks all in advance.

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    M3 are pretty absorbent. 1-2 heavy wettings. M4 are good for multiple heavy wettings. There's a significant cost/unit difference on them, so the 3's are definitely worth considering for the cost savings.

    Also, some of the thickest store diapers are close to as thick as the M3, but the M3 will swell up considerably more because they have a higher percentage of sap. You're going to get a thicker diaper either way. Also consider the thickness of the 4's between the legs, might give you problems walking normally They're great for overnight though!

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    Actually, Abena 4's in both variations are very discrete. In fact, I asked one of my counselors to verify what she thought, and she said she didn't even notice: No sound, no bulge, nothing. And she would have spoke up. Upon visiting my surgeon for a followup, I asked his nurse for her thoughts (both know me well as a patient), and she said they wouldn't be noticeable. That was an Abena M4 Premium, and the plastic version would be exactly the same in bulk. What people don't understand, when they first confront the fact that they will be wearing for the rest of their lives, is that it's all in their head. They will think that others take notice, but in reality, the general population won't know, and won't care. I even wore a Teddy Bambino to work all day once, and again, no brows raised, no heads turned, and not a whisper spoken. But they DID notice one thing different: An improvement in my work performance, as a result of the hernia repair and increased concentration on the job.

    Here is what I recommend for Waffenschmidt: Check with your doctor, to see if you can maybe get testing for a sensory processing disorder. It could be, that the regular briefs are causing you irritation, that may be cutting into your ability to function. And this could be taking place on a sub-conscious level, without your knowledge. Another possibility would be to try a pair of bicycle shorts, or something that's designed to be tight fitting, over your standard briefs, to see if that helps maintain your comfort level. Good luck!

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    Thankyou both for the helpful input. Though I may have not done a good job of describing my status. I'm not actually incontinent, or have any problems voiding. I wear only for recreational appeal/arguable convenience. This is just a very strong attraction in the aforementioned appeal for me of wearing. My doctor dosen't know about this "interest" of mine and thats probably just as well. I wouldn't call this a fetish, more a comfort thing, and a boost of confidence and recognition of self identity in the face of social norms. As for the diaper appraisals, thankyou. For cost benefit, if I upgrade from generics to Abena, I will probably start with a case of M3's for the sake of diaper count and therefore lasting me longer. I usually like to change after 3 wettings (in pharmacy generic fitted briefs) anyway. Thanks again to both of you.

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