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Thread: Tera - Anyone playing? Thoughts & Opinions?

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    Default Tera - Anyone playing? Thoughts & Opinions?

    Anyone here joined Tera now thats its officially released in the EU & NA?

    So far I'm really enjoying it, it lacks the typical grinding feeling of most mmos.

    Currently I'm playing on the Velik server (EU) but intend to also create a char on one of the PvP servers later down the line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerie View Post
    I am, level 5 after about 30min's of playing on each character.
    For now I'm just focusing on my Sorcerer, up to level 33 so far. Next I think I shall do a priest as I really want to get a healer levelled up too.

    Got a favourite class yet?

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    Dude, screw class. I'm stuck on the lolicharacter.

    it's just SOOOO cute <3

    That and everyone else looks all gothed out sex or ugly as hell X:

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