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    Anybody know about super undies? Know if they work etc. I saw that for bedwetting their xxl "fits" 70-100 lbs but if they're like underwear wouldn't they be way more elastic and fit someone with a much bigger waist. Anyway if you do want to chek 'em out here's the link
    Potty Training Pants, Potty Training Information, and Potty Training Accessories: Super Undies!™

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    If you can generally fit into things of that size range and can afford to spend the cash I would say try it. I have always loved pull ups personally I think those could be really cool.

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    If you look at the size chart the max waist is 22". And I doubt they will stretch like disposables.

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    there are adult sized training pants you can find on some of the abdl sites they look pretty much like underwear but are just basically cloth diapers kinda like those look.

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    Watch their video which compares them to goodnites; they are not so small as you think. However, because they are cloth diapers they don't strech quite as much as goodnites. I bought their biggest size and it fits me ok, but it is a bit small. I have about a 32 in. waist, 130 lbs, 5"6' tall, and goodnites fit me a bit more comfortably than super undies do. I haven't wet them as washing them posses a problem, but they are quite thick. They fit well enough that I have been able to sleep in them a few times which I could never do with toddler pull ups or baby diapers which really don't fit. I would compare them to underjams in their fit, but there is no potential for sides ripping here. It is hard to recomend them if you are any bigger than I am and the cost, even with the first time buyer discount ($5 off first purchase), is pretty high if you are on a budget, but overall this is a great product which is very large for what it is. Also, if enough people buy them they may decide to add another still larger size. It is also very soft and comfortable to wear. Being a cloth diaper, summer is not an ideal time to wear them so many of you might want to wait till fall or winter, but I really do like this product and hope at least a few others on this site buy them and support this new industry.

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    I looked at that site, and saw some of the videos. The overnights like the one you described, would probably be perfect for me if they fit a 30" waist. My main issue is the negative tactile feel and nakedness of regular underwear, or even Depends or adult pullups for that matter. The waist band on these appear to be very soft, and would be unlikely to dig into my skin like a BVD would. Meanwhile, the center padding will help keep my legs apart, and from rubbing against each other so I don't feel so clammy and sweaty. Plus, giving the sense of security I need in order to maintain my cognitive functioning and continue to improve my concentration and work performance. They appear like a toddler GMD prefold diaper could fit right in them, so they can be swapped out after several hours of wear (to reduce sweat) when I'm not having bladder issues. I think I will give this one a try!

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