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Thread: er never tried it

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    Default er never tried it

    But I have been kinda curious..but i wouldnt know where to start or anything..I'm a boy tho i always felt i shoulda been a girl..I only ever bought a bra for play but it didn't fit, it was a 36B cup but it was too tight. I have Gynecomastia. I would never like be a sissy in public as i'm too shy for that *blushes* but at home i think it might be fun.

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    eBay and a credit card.. I didn't think I would like it very much.. now I am stuck... I stand there looking at my dresser thinking ".. diaper.. or panties.." it drives me nuts! Keep us posted, hope it turns out well.

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    first a bra (they never fit right silly)
    then cute panties.... and maybe some more panties..... and more..
    a dress. a pink dress maybe...
    Oh, have we started modeling in the mirror yet. and how do we look....
    we must do something with out hair. not long enough, well, i'll buy a wig!
    that beard (shakes head). we need a much closer shave.... and some makeup to hide it.... but where to go for help. we are so embarrassed. but we must do something.....
    then shoes, lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish (quite biting your nails).
    now we need some big girl clothes, we must go out and see what it's like, but only at night. i am so scared, but so excited too!
    it worked! people saw me and i did it and it's so much fun and i feel so much like i always wanted to feel..... a girl at last! Yesssss.......

    (soft knowing smile)
    little lodge wrecker......

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    Look to a bra measuring guide the one below is pretty good, using that I found I am a 46-48A to small B cup
    How to Measure Your Bra Size - Linda's Bra Size Calculator

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    are we doing bra size now!
    (i hate bras)

    just mesured..... 42-C for comfort, but 42-B if i want to hang out and {{{bounce bounce bounce}}}
    think i started in a 38-A.... no wait, triple-A... yea, thats it. i looked cuter then. bra's looked cuter then too!
    (i just hate bras).... (stomps foot)

    da bunnies....
    (sweet, lovable, & sticks to your tongue)

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    Well, the most common way is to hit the thrift stores, by several different shapes and sizes, and then throw away everything that doesn't fit.

    You could also go the same route I went, where you walk into Victoria's Secret, get measured, get bras, and get happy! My VS pushup 34a Demi cut is the most comfortable thing I have ever worn!

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    *blushes brightly* i...cant..go out and buy girly cwothes..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shyanne View Post
    *blushes brightly* i...cant..go out and buy girly cwothes..
    I think if you can get over the anxiety you most certainly can VS will be happy too fit you for a bra if they think you are a serious customer, the last thing want to do is offend a customer that may be part of a protected class, as that spells big lawsuit in future. SO if you can over come your anxiety get fitted professionally for your own sake.

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    wonder if they fit bunnies too?
    who needs a bra when your as cute as us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shyanne View Post
    *blushes brightly* i...cant..go out and buy girly cwothes..
    With Mother's Day coming up, it's the perfect time to buy yourself something pretty, or frilly under the pretense that thay are a gift for your Mother. I would suggest that you get yourself some panties and a nightie, or pajamas to start with. Look around the web, or ask for help here, to determine what sizes would fit you best. Then just go shopping for the items, pick up a Mother's Day card to go along with the feminine items you want to purchase. The cashier, and anyone else who notices you shopping for frillies, will assume they are gifts for Mom.

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