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Thread: If you could fit into any baby diaper what would it be

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    Default If you could fit into any baby diaper what would it be

    What kind of baby diaper would you most like to wear and why?

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    Like so many of our younger members, when I was young I would get Pampers and tape them together so I could wear them, or I would stuff them into my underwear. The very fact that they were real baby diapers turned me on....big time!

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    Since we are posting about what we can not have I will add more to what I can not have:
    Luvs diapers from the late 80's and early 90's (luvs deluxe for him) -- they were so cute and babyish and thick.

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    I would opt for Huggies, particularly the Overnight Six's, as they would offer a better tactile feel than the Pampers would, and much of this would be due to the additional materials used in their production, as well as their better quality. Over the last 8 years of so, P&G has significantly thinned out their products, taking out what ever material they can. They have also significantly reduced the quality of the small amounts of material they actually use, both in Luvs and Pampers, in all sizes and grades. I have no reason to doubt that P&G will be at it again soon, and by then you might as well just buy regular underwear. Pampers will be even thinner than a typical single-layer combed-cotton Hanes tighty whitey.

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    I voted for Huggies, but only if I could have the ones from the late 80s. They used to have a brand called Huggies Overnights. They were so soft, and thick. I could almost fit into them back then, and they were just great. The larges were thicker then depends that were made back then too, so imagine how thick and comfy one that was actually big enough to be worn properly would be.

    I wouldn't mind old early 80s Pampers either, sense thats what I used until I was 7 or 8. At that point I outgrew them and wasn't wetting the bed EVERY night, so I wasn't diapered unless it was an overnight visit or some trip where I might fall asleep.

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    Pampers , or huggies. Cause i love the look and smell >\\\<

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    Any of them wold be great. If i vould lose 225 pounds i might fit in them again

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