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    Has anyone who has an Android device got ICS yet? I've just been upgraded to it today

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    How is it? I know my phone will never officially be upgraded to it, but I'm hoping that an ICS-based ROM for my phone comes out at some point. I may also just buy a Galaxy Nexus if I get really fed up.

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    My current cellphone is an HTC Sensation, and honestly after the update I noticed a huge boost in the way my phone ran. It's so much faster, the OS is slicker, and the entire phone just feels new again.

    However, it took way too long for the update to arrive, and personally I'm fed up of waiting for Google to get it's act together and build the darn thing at a speed which is useful to most of humanity.

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    I've been singing the damn things praises, then it won't allow me to quote this thread

    Aside from that minor issue, its kinda what klonekitten said. Its slicker, faster and just nicer to use. Google are pushing out more of their services through it too, like Google+ and drive.

    And the problem with the wait is that Google doesn't push the updates to devices, the manufacturers do. And there isn't always a lot of motivation for them to do that...

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    Still waiting for it to come though. Been a lot of complaints to Sony about being laggy and such.

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    I cracked when ICS was released and bought a Galaxy Nexus. Even with the almost painful price on release, I can honestly say I have no regrets about buying it. While partially down to the hardware, Android 4's performance is fantastic.

    As someone who's been a loyal android user (read: fanboy ;-) ) since the early days of the G1, I'm overjoyed at the direction Google's taken with this update, since it fixes and polishes all of the major gripes I've had with the platform. :-)

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    My AT&T Galaxy S II has been on Gingerbread the entire time i've had it. I could root and rom, but it works well enough. I'm practically dying for the ICS upgrade.

    As i have yearly upgrades, I am upgrading to the SIII as soon as it is released here (if it still has the quad-core Exynos 4 processor).

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