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Thread: what clothes do you wear while diapered

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    Default what clothes do you wear while diapered

    sometimes i wear a shirt that i made with fabric paint it says mommies wittle angel and sometimes ill wear my tripps and a hoddie i try to were cloths that hide my diaper the best and ill just sleep in a sleeping bag that does not un sip real easy so what kind of clothes do you guys ware.

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    The introductions forum is a place where you post your introduction, so we can get to know you a bit better. It's where you can put your first post. I think this should be in the teen baby section.

    But, to answer your question, I like to wear baby-like things. Onesies, footed sleepers, etc. When I'm in public, I just wear jeans overtop of it.

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    I just wear my normal clothing over my diapers. My pajama bottoms or my jeans and then don't wear underwear other than the diapers. I don't however wear diapers when I wear overalls or footy pajamas, not 100% sure why, but I really just don't like to mix these two interests.

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    Since I wear for a medical need, it's usually anything that can help keep it as discrete as possible.

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    i wear heavy skirts that are longer than usual and i am very careful to keep my legs closed while wearing diapers. i have to wear them almost 24 hours a day

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    I like the loose and relaxed fit denim jeans, I find the loose fit (not baggy) is more comfortable. Therefore I have ample room to be able to wear diapers under my jeans without any problems. I will then wear an un-tucked T-shirt to hide any part of the diaper that may stick up past the belt line. I only have to adjust my T-shirt once in a while. It usually stays put. If I am wearing a diaper that is a bit more crinklier that normal, I will wear an older pair of underwear over the diaper and under the jeans. That way, on days I am not wearing a diaper, I don't have to worry about my underwear being all stretched out, lol.

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    sorry i just seen new threads and so i posted one

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    I wear anything I want that feel is appropriate for the situation, that being said I prefer, a dress, skirt, onesie, one of my rompers, nothing at all but the diaper or a diaper and a t-shirt.
    note on wear during required situations and why, not necessarily thread relevant so feel free to skip it.
    That said there are a few occasions when I need to be padded in public, so discreetness is a must. In such cases I wear a pair of dark loose shorts or pants depending on time of year, and a tanktop onesie to keep things in place and covered, with and appropriate top, often a bit over sized t-shirt is good one. An example of said situation would be exams at the University, as I have a 90 minute bladder or so and finals run 180 minutes and sometimes more. They will not let you have a bathroom break, even if you pull the ACLU on them. They do this because they are so paranoid that you might get an unfair advantage or cheat, by needing to go relieve yourself, that think padding is better option and is the unwritten policy on this for exams. I take it as just another opportunity to wear a diaper even if not under ideal circumstances, though in said case it is totally for me. As I would prefer to focus on my test versus focusing on my bladder, and the case for discreteness is the same I don't really care if people know I am wearing a diaper but I don't want it to cause a stir distracting me or others.

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    When I'm wearing a diaper at home, usually just a t-shirt. When I'm wearing diapers out and about, I wear the same clothes I wear just about every other day.

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