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Thread: ABUCUSHIES and Baby Diapers?

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    Default ABUCUSHIES and Baby Diapers?

    Hey so I'm into baby diapers a lot more than adult diapers. I never wore em and never will. They just don't feel the same...For the past few days, I've been thinking about the Cushies. I barley fit into the regular baby diapers anymore (pampers, huggies, luvs) which sucks. But I was wondering, how much of a baby diaper is a Cushie like? Does it feel like a baby diaper? If i ever order some, cloth or plastic? Adult or medium? Sorry for all the questions, i dont know these things. And I'm about 155 pounds. thanks guys.

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    It's not really possible to compare the "feel" of an adult and baby diaper because, to an adult, a baby diaper is going to feel sillily tight. I frankly don't remember what a baby diaper felt like when I was a baby and most people don't, so there's no way to do an apples-to-apples comparison.

    What I would suggest instead is that an adult diaper is scaled to fit an adult-sized body, and it fits the same way a baby diaper does on a baby. Generally, to achieve this, physics requires some minor differences, such as more tapes to give a good leak-tight fit. I would argue that, yes, they ought to feel the same if you're using the correct baseline.

    Plastic or cloth is your preference - presumably you like one or the other better in diapers. Diaper size is dependent mainly on waist size, but as a general rule, mediums will fit most people of adult height who aren't either very small or at least somewhat overweight.

    I can understand the preference for baby diapers - fetishes are often particular - but most people find after trying adult diapers that there is a world of improvement over baby diapers because adult diapers are actually functional for adults.

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    Im a diaper lover and have some vintage pampers, I sad to say that at 6ft and 160lbs I cant fit into baby diapers, heck I don't fit into youth side diapers (20"-32" size waist) I would say yes to Adult diapers "feeling" the same, if Adult diapers bore you, you can always buy/order some with baby taping strips, buying plan adult diapers and adding them yourself, some companies are even starting to add baby scents to their diapers.
    The only downsize for me I find, because of my unique body size and type baby and youth diapers are way too small, and the small/medium (19"-34" waist) adult diapers to me still seem a little too big, its all in what your comfortable with really, go out try and explore find something right for you!

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